Double Helix Manure Heat Exchangers



Double helix heat exchangers are specifically designed for thermal processing of manure, sludge and any other liquid biomass. With the double helix system, cold substrate can be circulated against heated substrate for heat recovery purposes. This makes our double helix heat exchanger system optimal for economical hygienisation and pasteurisation, heat recovery and for external heating systems for biogas digesters with estremely low energy loss.

  • Design, configuration and material selection have been specially adapted to the use in biogas systems and sewage treatment plants
  • Compact modular units with proven design and quality
  • Countercurrent media flow
  • Reliability thanks to PC-controlled configuration program

  • minimized risk of clogging
  • high surface are for heat transmission
  • very high heat exchange rates
  • low pressure loss
  • no problems with gaskets and water-tightness
  • no parts subject to wear and tear
  • can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • custom-tailored mounting brackets and frames
  • easy replacement of individual modules

  • ISO-9001: Our plants meet the highest quality standards and even conform to the requirements of the chemical industry.
  • RAL quality certification: Confirms a constantly high level of product quality that is regularly monitored.
  • Certified specialist according to § 19 WHG (German Water Resource Act)

  • Heat exchange surface: 12.3 m²
  • Length: 6300 mm
  • Outer diameter: 518 mm
  • Connection flanges: DN 100, PN 10
  • Weight: approx. 1250 kg
  • Grain size: max. 10 mm
  • DM content: max. 12 %
  • Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Design: Module with screw thread
  • Configuration: Water/water, water/substrate, substrate/substrate

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