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High capacity, high efficiency and low cost technology for heat treatment to increase the nutritional value of feedstuff.Like Expanders, Extruders and Micronizers the Cimbria “Dantoaster” Feed Processor is specially developed for heat treatment of free flowing, mainly organic granules. The purpose of heat treatment is to improve the quality and nutritional value of a product. Adding a given amount of heat in a combination of high air temperatures and intensive infrared radiation over a given period will change the product physically, chemically and biologically. The following processes are practically used:

Sterilization means reduction of naturally occurring toxins, diminishing of microorganisms, bacteria and insects. During sterilization the product temperature hits 100 – 110 °C, not reforming the kernel’s size but killing germination.
Toasting means inactivation of some negative nutritive substances, like reducing Trypsin inhibitors activity in whole Soybeans.
During toasting the product temperature hits 130 – 140 °C, heavily increasing the nutritional value of some products, so Soybeans, Peas, Rape seed, Lupines etc become excellent feedstuff.
Gelatinization means to break down the structure in the starch of various products, making it more water-soluble, achieving easier access for digestive enzymes and improving the pellet production by reducing the risk for crumbling.
Gelatinization needs a precise control of product temperature, swelling time and moist content. Depending on the product the product temperatures will vary between 60 and 90 °C and up to 120 + °C for some types of starch.

Protein protection
Protein protection means to prevent microbial decomposition of the protein in cattle paunch, resulting in loss of energy and high production of methane. Heat treatment up to product temperatures of 160 – 170 °C enables the protein to pass directly to the animal’s gut system where it is digested, resulting in better utilization og the protein obtained.
Drying of products with high and very high moist content is an increasing use of the “Dantoaster”. The HTST-process (High Temperature Short Time) with air temperatures of 700 – 1000 °C and process time from 1 to 10 minutes has an optimized energy consumption of 715 – 930 W/kg evaporation. This drying process demands the use of a suitable cooling unit to remove heat and vapor from the heat treated product.

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