Dump Trailers


OJB_industries dump trailer are top of the line dump trailers for the high demanding customer. Our trailers will match and even outperform any trailer in the industry. They have a large capacity and an extremely heavy frame. All the trailers have European quality axles with drum brakes which can be hydraulic  or air operated. Our tandem is developed by OJB-industries inc itself and is unique and unmatched in the industry. All our dump bodies have a three inch tapered box which prevents bridging of your product while dumping.

  • Our new and improved tailgate has mechanical locks which are operated by the tailgate cylinder. The locks prevent leaking of semi liquid materials or grain.
  • Opening and closing of the tailgate goes hydraulic which runs on your tractor remote.
  • OJB industries dump wagons have a wide body and an even wider frame. Outside to outside wheels it measures 11’6”. This makes the dump wagon extremely stable and safe to work with.
  • All OJB industries dump wagons come with a bumper and deluxe tail lights.
  • The OJB tandem is made of of ¾ plate and is completely boxed in. The tamdem is designed in a way that it will reduce weight on the front tires when these have to go over an obstacle.
  • The tandems have ADR 6”x6”axles with heavy bearings and 420mm drum brakes. The brakes can be hydraulic or air operated.
  • The tandem pivots on a 4”solid C1045 steel shaft. The shaft goes all the way the way to the middle of the trailer and can be greased thru the centre.
  • The tandem has replaceable hardened steel bushings.
  • The new model dump wagons have all around the top a rail made out of 3x4 HSS tubing which gives extra stiffness if the wagon gets loaded by a loader. The open front gives you all kinds of visibility into the box.
  • The lower edge on the front is to give the harvester a bigger target when you have to open up fields.
  • The long tong makes manoeuvring easy and allows you to use a tractor with duals without hitting the box when you turn sharp.
  • All tongs are hydraulic operated, with this feature you can lower the front while opening up a field and you can unhook the dump wagon without using a jack.

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