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The Bobman Dumper will handle heavy loads and protect the surface. Even when the Bobman Dumper is loaded with soil or broken brick, the wide tires with tread for grass will protect the surface.

The Bobman Dumper is extremely manoeuvrable and requires a minimum of space. The Bobman Dumper has a turning diameter of only 1.2 meters.

Hydraulic dump
The dump body will hold about 600 litres and can unload about 1500 kg hydraulically. The unloading height is very large, enabling for example a large pile of soil or unloading into another machine.

Dozer blade
Dozer blade can be mounted at the front for small scraping jobs or for moving for example soil at the unloaded pile. The dozer blade is raised and lowered hydraulically.

Three-wheel drive
Hydraulic three-wheel drive ensures smooth and stable propulsion and prevents the risk of worn brakes. You will always have good, stable propulsion without any risk of overloading the motor.

On the Bobman Dumper, you will always have a good overview from the driver's seat.

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