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EB’s original patented design of 1963, awarded bronze medal in 1965, is still the industry standard and although it has gone through design modifications as new materials and new technology are developed, it is still the tried and trusted formula. The sow dumper automatically dispenses (by weight) predetermined amounts of food onto the straw bedding, thus satisfying the natural desire of pigs to root for their food, roam, rest and sleep in groups. All sows have an equal opportunity to feed, avoiding bullying and reducing stress as the sows are fed simultaneously without noise and fuss, automatically.


The dispenser releases food slowly, creating a circular pattern approximately 1.7 meters in diameter, thereby offering equal feeding opportunity.

As used at Cannington college, 3 years winner of the prestigious BOCM-Pauls national pig award 1997, 1998 and 1999. Now with slimmer body and a 27% increase in the spill plate, the redesigned EB dumper achieves greater distribution and smoother feed delivery.

Individual Sow Feeder

The EB sow feeding system enables any number of sows to be fed simultaneously with measured amounts of feed. The system was awarded the Supreme Trophy for Equipment at the 1971 BOCM Silcock Pig Fair and since then the advantages of simultaneous no stress feeding have become widely accepted.

When the stockman wishes to feed the sows, he simply activates a handle, thus simultaneously releasing the feed into the individual troughs.

EB Trickle Feeder

The EB trickle feeder has been developed for feeding requirements in the millennium. Built and designed using the latest technology, a pre-moulded polypropylene vessel with a clear side wall, the EB trickle feeder is simplicity its self.

The upper auger conveys food from the silo into individual vessels automatically. Feed is then delivered from a preset amount stored in the vessel by the lower auger, at a rate to suit the slowest eater, thus reducing bullying.

Capable of feeding 3.5kg down to 1.25kg simultaneously.

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