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sowing equipment

  • Premium

    Addfield - Model SB - Animal Waste Incinerator (750Kg)

    The ‘SB’ Addfield Incinerator with a loading chamber up to 750kg is used by some of the largest Pig and Sheep producers World wide. With a large loading chamber of 1.54m3 it is ideal for larger Poultry producers, Sheep/ Lamb producers, Butchery waste. The large top loading lid allows producers of sow’s greater ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Burntwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Waste Incinerator (750Kg) Product line

  • Rotomation - Model SF - Seeding Machine

    This low cost seeding machine is a popular machine with growers who require a one-person seeding operation. The SF Seeder is ideal for sowing small to medium sized batches of trays.

    By Rotomation UK Limited based in Preston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Seeding Machine Product line

  • ORTOMEC - Model 1500 - Harvester for Float System

    Cutter and harvester for leafy products, grown in containers such as polystyrene sowing trays.

    By ORTOMEC snc based in Cona (Venice), ITALY. from Harvester for Float System Product line

  • ALBION - Model SNT-2-290 - Seeders

    SNT-2-290 model is suitable for all types of vegetables. The machine is designed for the double line sowing and features two tandem seeding units, adjustable from 0 mm to 90 mm. Versatile ultipurpose machine. It can be equipped with as many seeding elements as needed to meet the specific requirements of the farmer and according to the ...

    By Albion Latinoamericana based in Mendoza, ARGENTINA.

  • Claydon TerraBlade - Model M6 - Inter-Row Hoe

    The Claydon TerraBlade inter-row hoe is a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in combinable, band-sown crops. It provides an additional weapon in the agricultural industry’s weed control armoury at a time when the efficacy of some herbicides is decreasing whilst the cost of control is increasing. Band sowing at 30cm leaves a ...

    By Claydon Yieldometer Ltd./ Claydon Drills based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Luco - Model SSFA-U - Single Sow Farrowing Unit

    Galvanized Smidley steel-covered roof opens to allow sunlight into unit to sterilize and keep dry. Easy access to clean and care for litter. Pig rails on side and back end of unit. Four oak-runners or skids. Two coats best orange paint. Extra heavy 5' T-hinges bolted on full-height door. Two door hooks. Cement coated nails in construction hold ...

    By Luco Manufacturing based in Strong City, KANSAS (USA). from Single Sow Farrowing Unit Product line

  • Minos Agri - Pneumatic Seed Drill

    With Minos Pneumatic seed drill, seeds belonging to the products such as corn, cotton, sunflower, beet, sugar, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed easily on the desired above-row and inter-row distances with a very low percentage of mirroring and spacing. It has been designed to be suitable for multi-purposes to be adjusted to any kind of areas ...

    By Minos Agricultural Machinery based in Gaziemir, TURKEY. from Pneumatic Seed Drill Product line

  • Quality Equipment - Plastic Pig Hoppers

    Plastic hoppers don’t rust and are easy to clean. Our range includes conventional hoppers for weaners and finishers in a variety of sizes up to 8’ long. We also have a range of single and twin-space feeders for finishers, gilts and sows and some include a wet/dry facility by means of a water nipple above the trough. There are special ...

    By Quality Equipment (QE) based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Plastic Pig Hoppers Product line

  • Sow Lift Crushed

    Prevents crushed pigs by elevating the sow while standing. A pedal-triggered air lift system raises the sow to 10″ above creep area when she stands up. Increases operational efficiency. Field experience demonstrates an increase in production of 7%, or 1.5 pigs per sow per year. Works in new or retrofit operations. Pneumatic, low-profile ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment based in Ste Agathe, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Sow Lift Crushed Product line

  • Finrone - Model F1000 - Maximiser Crate & Accessories

    Heavy duty 83kg. galvanised finger design crate which allow the piglets to maximise suckling of the sow. The crate design reduces mortality rate to low levels and produces heavier piglets at weaning. Our especially designed stainless steel trough has a rounded bottom which eliminates corners hence avoiding stale feed getting settled into the ...

    By Finrone Systems Limited based in Londonderry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Maximiser Crate & Accessories Product line

  • 3 Section Compact Heavy Type Roller

    3 section compact roller used for sowing preparation , sowing and rolling of winter crops. Roller also can use behind discharrows. After Usage of roller ; Better seeding quality Better germination of plants Upgrates the efficiency Lower water consumption Reduces land erosion.

    By ILGI Agricultural Machinery based in Söke, TURKEY. from 3 Section Compact Heavy Type Roller Product line

  • Samco Agri - Model 80 PT - 8 Row Pneumatic Drills

    SAMCO pneumatic drills are developed in order to provide users with a consistent quality of seedlings even in difficult conditions. A roller in the front of the drill allows the seed to be sown into a firm seed bed with a constant depth of sowing. This roller is also the drive train for the seeding elements. Equipped with Optima HD Kverneland seed ...

    By Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd based in Adare, IRELAND. from 8 Row Pneumatic Drills Product line

  • SimTech Aitchison - Model T-SEM 300 and 400 - Slot-Seeder

    The simplest and most versatile drill on the market at an affordable price. Based on the renowned New Zealand pasture slot-seeder, here is a European drill built with the varied demands of the modern farmer in mind. You can sow any seed into any surface - clovers, grasses, brassicas, cereals, pulses, maize and all mixtures into grassland, ...

    By SimTech Aitchison based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 60 PT - 6-Row Folding Drills

    SAMCO pneumatic drill is devolped in order to provide users with a consistent quality of seedlings even in difficult conditions. A roller in the front of the drill allows the seed to be sown into a firm seed bed with a constant depth of sowing. This roller is also the drive train for the seeding elements. Equipped with Optima Kverneland seed ...

    By Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd based in Adare, IRELAND. from 6-Row Folding Drills Product line

  • Model 3014C & 3018C - Pasture Tine Drills

    Aitchison Grassfarmer Pasture Drills are designed specifically for pastures requiring renovation and renewal also suitable for cultivated soils. They are a lower cost economy linkage model with seed box only. Ideal for first time no-tillers. Low HP requirements. Accurate sponge seed feed mechanism sows all seeds at rates from as low as 1kg/ha ...

    By Reese Group Ltd based in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND. from Pasture Tine Drills Product line

  • Amazone - Model SW Series - Cage Roller

    The solid cage roller ensures the depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation. Cage rollers are available with an outer diameter of 420 mm for working widths of 2.50 and 3 m and an outer diameter of 520 mm for working widths of 3 and 4 m.

    By AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG based in Hasbergen, GERMANY. from Cage Roller Product line

  • Manure Spreader

    The fertilizer spreader is mainly used to apply base fertilizer before tillage,sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure, limestone, chemical or organic fertilizers   in grassland and ranch.It has advantages of compact structure,wide range of applying,high productivity,even broadcast sowing and so on.

    By Shandong Tiansheng Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Shandong, CHINA.

  • Model KLL - Pre-Sowing Tillage Aggregate Cultivator

    Laumetris Ltd. produces pre-sowing tillage machinery cultivators of 2 – 10 m. width. Cultivators are manufactured so that after one drive soil is leveled, hoed, compacted and ready for seeding. In the first row, there are segmented spring leveler boards, which are easily regulated from tractor with hydro gear. Further, there are 4 – 5 ...

    By Laumetris Ltd based in Kėdainių District, LITHUANIA. from Pre-Sowing Tillage Aggregate Cultivator Product line

  • Model LLK - Soil Leveler

    Laumetris Ltd. produces soil levelers with wide width. Front row can be designed of metal leveler ploughshares or obliquely attached ploughshare chisels. Two rows of chisels fully cut and collates surface of soil. Back harrow hoes and crumbles. Surface of soil after such cultivation is fully prepared for sowing.

    By Laumetris Ltd based in Kėdainių District, LITHUANIA. from Soil Leveler Product line

  • Model ARHM - Interrow Cultivator

    An ideal machine for hoeing: beet, maize, cotton, sunflower, tobacco, tomato, bean, soybean and vegetable. Sowed In their furrows does not make any poor subsoil and provides fuB struggle for the protection of humidity in soil and against weeds. With the units that move independent from each other, it keeps hoeing depth constant even in the rough ...

    By Agrimir based in Konya, TURKEY. from Interrow Cultivator Product line

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