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With an ErfGoedFloor you’ll produce a vigorous, strong and uniform crop – because all plants receive the same amount of water for the same length of time. What’s more, the ErfGoedFloor is the most sustainable base for growing, in particular since water and fertilizer can be reused. The ErfGoedFloor is the ideal base for every crop. The floor consists of a layer of porous stone that can be filled with water. As soon as the layer is full, the water rises everywhere simultaneously. Once the crop has absorbed sufficient water, the floor empties once again.

Higher yields

  • Working with this cultivation floor practically eliminates rejects. The ideal growth climate on this cultivation floor ensures a vigorous plant with a strongly developed root system.

  • The ebb and flow system provides every plant with equal quantities of water and nutrients for the same length of time. This guarantees a healthy uniform crop that you can harvest sooner.

  • The floor’s filtering effect cuts down considerably on the risk of disease. And so does the floor’s absorbency because it eliminates leaving a film of water behind on the roots. The risk of diseases such as Phytophthora and Pythium is almost nil.

What makes the ErfGoed Floor® the best cultivation floor?

ErfGoed is always searching for practical affordable solutions.

  1. For a uniform crop!
    By using a tube with a clever, unique hole pattern, specially developed for this purpose, the water rises at all points at the same time. This is how we achieve maximum uniformity of nourishment for each plant.

  2. Inexpensive, trouble free, and easy to repair yourself!
    Instead of an expensive computer-controlled system, the ebb and flow of the nutrient solution is controlled by a completely mechanical system for which ErfGoed developed a fully automatic valve.

  3. You control your climate!
    Laying anti-condensate film directly beneath the groundsheet also allows you to use the permeable material underneath to cool the floor without wetting the crop.

Because ErfGoed has a patent on all of these unique applications, we can keep on developing our cultivation floors to make them even better!

What makes this cultivation floor so unique is the special layer of permeable material (pumice) included in the system. This permeable layer provides a firm surface that will easily support the weight of forklifts driven over it. Its most important advantage, however, is that this layer can be flooded with water.

Ebb and flow

As soon as the permeable layer is entirely saturated, the water table is brought up throughout the cultivation floor at the same time. As soon as the plants have received the moisture they need, the water table is brought back down. Environmental conditions are therefore virtually the same throughout!

No puddles form on the surface because the water is immediately drained from below. In fact, the absorbency of the cultivation floor is such that the pot is immediately dry again and no film of water is left behind on the roots.

With the ErfGoedFloor, you’ll create the perfect growing conditions for your crop. All plants are irrigated uniformly. This ensures a healthy and resilient crop with good root growth. The vertical drainage and the anti-condensation mat allow optimal climate control.

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