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ErfGoed grew out of the contracting business started in 1958 by Hans de Jong, Alex`s father. At that time, most of the work undertaken consisted of manually digging ground for nurseries and growers. Over the years, machines have gradually taken over most of the hard labour. Hugo Paans joined the business in 1986 as a trainee tractor driver. In 1992, he and Hans de Jong`s son Alex took over the business from its founder, and renamed it De Jong and Paans. The name was changed again in 1997, to the present ErfGoed. In recent years, ErfGoed has expanded rapidly, having established itself as the leading player on the cultivation floor market.

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Bredeweg 59 , Moerkapelle , 2751 GH Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)
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We develop our cultivation floors based on our mission which is to keep taking horticulture and arboriculture to the next level. By creating the most ideal growing conditions, we minimise your crop’s susceptibility to diseases. What grows on your ErfGoed Floor is a strong, healthy, uniform crop. This makes the use of crop protection agents more of an exception than the rule. And that reduces costs for significantly higher profitability!

Always coming up with new solutions

Over the years, ErfGoed has arrived at many new extraordinary achievements. So it’s no wonder that people everywhere call on our services. Why do we always know what all the options are? Because we are constantly looking for solutions that are both practical and

Quality and certainty

When you buy an ErfGoed cultivation floor, you can be assured of getting a tried and tested product. Not only do we do a lot of research, but we also test all of our floors in our own nursery. We can thus guarantee you of getting a cultivation floor that responds perfectly to your own situation.

Flexibility and responsiveness

ErfGoed can put together a team of professionals on short notice. We lay cultivation floors in both Europe and far beyond. We may be a large influential organisation, but we always provide our customers with personal service and a single point of contact.

From A to Z or turnkey

From start to finish, ErfGoed will handle your project entirely in-house, so all you deal with is a single contractor. There’s no hassle about the timing of activities - just a schedule that gets met. We will also be pleased to provide you with a turnkey project.