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The ERO Modul Line range offers a free choice between equipment variants. We will be pleased to help you make the right choice of unit and select the right options for your applications.ERO was the first manufacturer to offer a trimmer which operated on the free-cutting principle. The advantages of this system — increased operating speed, elimination of knives blocked by foliage, and reduced wear- led to its rapid and widespread adoption. The Modul Line range offers a free choice of equipment. We will be pleased to help you make the right choice of unit and select the options you need.

  • ERO Stainless Steel Turboknives
    • Specially heat-treated knife steel prevents the build-up of cutting debris on the cutting surfaces (antiadhesive effect).
    • The surface quality is retained afler sharpening (no coating).
    • The curved cutting edge achieves a very clean and precise cut.
    • The form of the knife prevents wires being wound up and cut.
    • Suction effect of the knife: no cutting debris are left in the row, even small shoots and leaves are removed.
    • The 35.5 cm long knives generate only low bearing loads, and the trimmer can be mounted close to the tractor, which makes for a small turning circle. In addition the risk of damage to the grape zone due to steering motions or rough ground is minimised.
    • Special coating reduces wear on V-belts and motor pulleys.
  • Numerous cutter adjustments, even on the basic version:
    • Cutting width steplessly adjustable from 45 cm - 60 cm
    • Cutting angle adjustment of both vertical cutter beams relative to the top-cutter body (both A and V-forms are possible).
    • Adjustable impact protection with automatic resetting in both driving directions.
    • Manual lateral shift.
    • Manual inclination on cutter beam
    • Stable design and high accuracy resulting from industrial manufacture using laser cutting equipment and welding robots.
    • Knife drives, high-quality units from specialist manufacturers, operate in their optimum range from 20 I oil per minute and 120 bar pressure.
    • Stainless steel side parts. Vertical and horizontal cutter beams are stainless steel.
    • Modular system permits individual choice.
  • ERO Hydraulic Lift
    • Internal cylinder has optimum protection against soiling.
    • Generous guiding surfaces prevent jamming when raising and lowering.
    • Pressure pads can be adjusted to eliminate play.
    • Universal for all ERO tools and for tools from other manufacturers, for example, an over-row Shoot Remover, a Bincjer Seilzucj Dv.-fdiotor, or a Binger Seilzug Pre-Pruner.
    • Automatic centring for easy mounting.
    • The tractor bracket and the lift support are two separate parts, so one lift can be mounted on different makes of tractor.
    • Safe, stable storage frame with jacking pants and pockets for lifting with a forklift truck or a pallet truck.

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