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FARMATIC slurry tanks are offered in various individual sizes. They guarantee secure storage at low cost. Additionally, their longevity and easy expansion or disassembly make them the moste flexible choice when it comes to liquid storage for decades.

FARMATIC storage systems are the optimal solution for storing, filling and the removal of slurry, manure and silage effluent water. FARMATIC tanks and silos have been in use for agricultural storage for well over 40 years.

Over 3,000 storage systems worldwide have been installed by us, documenting the outstanding performance of FARMATIC’s products and the trust of our customers.

FARMATIC storage tanks are made from bolted glass-coated steel.

The secret to our success are the glass-coated steel (vitreous enamel) panels used for our tanks. They are extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasive materials, have statically superior properties, and offer an impressive cost effectiveness as a result. Thanks to the double enamel layer of the steel sheets, FARMATIC slurry tanks have twice the corrosion protection. The enamel coating has an adhesive strength of 3,450 N/cm².

Standard tank colours are dark green and blue, custom colours upon request.

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