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Fence Line Mowers


We are proud that our Fence-Line Mowers can be found at thoroughbred farms throughout the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.  Our customers include the University of Kentucky Research Farm and Denali Stud. To keep the pastures and paddocks looking sharp, these farms are constantly mowing.  The cost of manually trimming fences on large farms can be huge.  Yet string-trimmers actually damage the posts. Look closely at the bottoms of the posts.  The paint has been worn off and the posts have been chipped, shortening the useful life of the posts. The Mow-Around will cut grass and weeds to within about 1 ½ inches of a fencepost. A rubber guard prevents the twin steel blades from cutting into the posts.  The head rolls around the posts without operator control, and floats over uneven ground because its weight is carried by a heavy-duty leaf spring.

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