Firewood Processors


Maximum log diameter  300 mm. Minimum log diameter  50 mm. Firewood length (min–max) 300–650 mm. Weight 700 kg. Cutter blade. Flange 13”/325/1.5 mm/56. Chain  325/1.5 mm/56.

  • User-friendly wood length measure 
  • Safe covered hydraulic conveyor 3.5 m (foldable) 
  • Efficient waste removal and large splitter chute 
  • Automated blade lubrication with every stroke 
  • Additional hydraulics for accessories; extendable bench 
  • Conveyor with safety chain in place during operation 
  • Covered feed mechanism prevents logs from spinning 
  • Splitter blade operated by a lever at the front of the machine

  • Splitter cylinder thrust   5 tonnes
  • Cylinder stroke 730 mm
  • Adjustable splitter blade 2/4
  • Hydraulic conveyor length 3.5 m
  • Hydraulic oil consumption 60 l
  • Dual pump system output 53/40/l/min
  • Hydraulic pressure 180 bar
  • Power source options: Tractor-driven and electric

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