Flexible Green Feeding


It's time to stop thinking in general terms when cows are fed. It's time to give the cows the freedom from grass fields into the stalls. It's time to do barn furniture flexible for cow's best!. Cow-Welfares new bid for a flexible housing equipment, Flexible Green Feeding, is a revolutionary way to feed cows in indoor. With a flexibility of 30 °, follows the feeding cow's movements, and ensures that the queue is not going to hurt. The flexibility also gives the cow a longer reach out to the feeding table, so the cow will eat for a long time without getting damage from the housing inventory.

  • Higher earnings through increased appetite and improved animal welfare
  • Increased feed intake when the cow consume more feed, and can reach further into the feed table
  • Less hassle when the cows can reach the feed located far out at the feed bunk
  • Calmer cows through differentiated feeding places
  • Greater flexibility using. adjustable width of feed slots
  • Healthier cows, since they avoid injuries and printed values of the flexible fence
  • Better heat conditions, pga. healthy and rested cows

The barrier is made up of plastic tubes to divide the ædepladserne. Plastic pipes are mounted on a long rectangular piece of iron, which is tiltable due. a restoring force at each end. When the queue, press the shoulders ind of plastic pipes, the whole construction will move forward, so the cow avoid injuries and pressure data in the shoulder and neck.

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