Food Grade Gases


Our food-grade gases conform with 'food grade' regulations, e.g. the EC directive 96/77/EC on food additives within EU countries and the FDA guidelines in the U.S. The main gases used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications are carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. These gases are used either alone or in combination.  The gas properties and the interaction of gases with the food ingredients, e.g. solubility in the foodstuff, should be taken into account when choosing the gas or gas composition. We supply food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) , nitrogen (N2), and oxygen (O2) along with other gases authorised for foodstuffs as individual gases in cylinders under high pressure as well as liquids in insulated tanks for subsequent mixing at the packaging machine and premixed. Nitrogen and oxygen are separated from atmospheric air.

Carbon dioxide is taken from natural wells or captured as a byproduct of fermentation processes (wine, beer) or ammonia production. For example, sometimes it may be more effective and practical to produce nitrogen on-site using  pressure swing absorption (PSA) or a permeable membrane plant. Linde can help determine the correct method for you.

  • High purity gas
  • Consistently high quality

We are also able to supply gases to you for chilling and freezing in liquid form including liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) and carbon dioxide in a solid state as snow (dry ice).

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