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- Bulk Log Stand 2


The Forest Master Bulk Log Stand is capable of safely securing multiple logs for the user to chainsaw, the logs are held in place by 2 chains which automatically prevent the logs from moving during cutting. The main advantage of the design is that when the user is cutting the logs there is nothing directly below that can be caught by the chainsaw reducing risk or injury to the user and damage to the chainsaw or saw horse. The Bulk Log Stand can fold flat for storage by turning the uprights and the legs (see picture below). The height of the Bulk Log Stand can easily be adjusted from 720mm to 1300mm to accomodate varying quantities of logs. The use of a simple wood base means that the user has the option to make a customised base out of any available wood.

  • Very simple chain locking device, when lifted up it snags, drops when it becomes loose meaning safe cutting
  • Easily loaded with multiple logs
  • Quickly folds for storage and opens for use
  • Supplied with 2 uprights, 2 feet, 2 stop chains and wooden base
  • The base is pre-drilled with all necessary holes.
  • User can make their own base if required
  • Holds up to 150kg of logs
  • Height can be adjusted from 720mm to 1300mm
  • Length 640mm
  • Width 590mm
  • Weight 8.2kg

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