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FPF Multipurpose In-Row Cultivator


This is one of several machines dedicated to working the soil between trees and vines. By varying the attachments, you can till, disk or mound the soil around a plant. The hydraulic sensor to dodge around plants is standard on all models. As shown below, these machines have working widths ranging from 50 to 116 cm (or 20 to 45 in), and can work in rows from 98 to 129 inches wide.


Disk Kit FPF 42
Disk Kit FPF 55
Disk Kit FPF 67
Disk Kit FPF 80
Hydraulic Cylinders
for Emergency Retraction     
for Front-Back Inclination      
Independent Hydraulic Controls
1-Lever Unit (tiller head height)      
2-LeverUnit (tiller height & Inclination)
3-LeverUnit (tiller height, Inclination & Emer. Retraction)
Joystick Electric-over-Hydraulic Controls
(for especially young or delicate plants)
Joystick Emergency Emergency Retraction
Joystick Retraction, Push-Button Inclination
Joystick Retraction, Push-Button Inclination & Height

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