Full Grain Spreader



In full-grain silos with a large silo diameter (5-9 m), a problem with filling often arises because often a costly space of 30-60 m³ remains empty due to the material cone.A cost-efficient solution for the filling of the empty space in the upper area of the silo is the full-grain spreader made by Mus-Max. As this electrically operated silo spreader gently conveys the maize horizontally in the top silo corner by means of a disk plate, the silo space can be filled to the last cubic metre. The large feed pipe diameter of 250 mm ensures that the full-grain spreader can be filled with the conveyor blower or with any elevator. A cyclone device only has to be used for blower filling. The special, modern construction has a very light-weight design (can be taken apart in 2 parts) so that the device can be hoisted on the silo with a rope very easily. As a result, the full-grain spreader can be used by several farmers together in an ideal way and the precious silo space is used to capacity.

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