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Farmplus General Timber Buildings are available in widths from 5.1 metres to 23.2 metres and in any length in units of 4.6 metres. There are three different construction methods which allows us to offer a huge variation of building sizes to suit almost any application.

The structural planning, design, drawings, tolerances, support requirements, timber dimensions etc. have have all been calculated which translates into a major cost saving to the customer when choosing one of our general building types compared to a bespoke building.

We offer a range of features and extras including roof and wall options, doors etc.

Farmplus buildings are delivered in kit form ready for erection by the customer or preferred contractor. We may be able to provide details of erectors we may know in your area.

So we offer our customers the flexibility to specify each building’s size and features but, because much of the design work of the structure’s main components has already been done, our general buildings represent really excellent value for money and a fine timber buildings which will last for many years.

There are three different types of Farmplus general timber buildings. They are defined by the end elevation of the structure and are called Monopitch, Supported Apex and Clearspan.

Monopitch buildings provide good dry undercover storage for applications including animal shelter, machinery storage, hay/feed storage, vehicle parking, firewood storage etc.

The optimum site for a Monopitch will have its low side/back facing the prevailing wind. Air will then travel naturally under the roof overhang at the rear and go out of the front/high side. This airflow ventilates the building creating a natural environment under cover.

Monopitch buildings are not designed for fully dry storage; stored items will get damp in times of high rainfall or humidity but will quickly dry off in the natural ventilation as precipitation subsides.

Supported Apex offer similar protection from the elements to that of Monopitch buildings. They are ideal for animal housing and feeding especially when fitted with with ventilating or open ridges. People often refer to buildings as animal housing but livestock, especially cattle and sheep, do not want a house. What these animals do want is shelter. Shelter from wind and shelter from rain and shade from the sun. But it is essential that this shelter and shade comes with plenty of fresh air. Farmplus Supported Apex buildings provide excellent housing for livestock and are also ideal for machinery storage, hay/feed storage, vehicle storage etc.

Clearspan buildings are the perfect option for customers needing a timber building that provides dry storage, so where humidity can be controlled. Clearspan buildings can be sealed at the eaves and ridge and a vapour barrier can be fitted to the walls. There are no uprights within the building so all of the interior is available without obstruction.


Monopitch buildings are offered in four standard widths (often referred to as depths on open fronted buildings)
from 5.1m to 9.44m.

For more detailed information scroll down to ‘About Monopitch Buildings’

Clearspan buildings are offered in six standard widths
from 5.1m to 13.78m.

For more detailed information scroll down to ‘About Clearspan Buildings’

Supported Apex
Supported Apex buildings of the type shown above are ideally suited to animal housing with pens along two side flanks and a central passage for feeding or viewing.

This 9.44m Supported Apex building would typically be open along one of the long sides rather than the gable end. They are often supplied with a roof extension over the open side to provide improved weather protection.

Supported Apex buildings are offered in six standard widths
from 9.44m to 23.2m.

For more detailed information scroll down to ‘About Supported Apex buildings’

Whether you choose Monopitch, Supported Apex or Clearspan, the length of your building is specified in ‘bays’ and each bay is 4.572 metres (15ft). This dimension is the same for each building type. As an example, if you want a building which is approximately 14 metres long then it would be specified as 3 bays (or 13.716 metres).

Steel Sheeting

A popular and long lasting low cost solution.

Fibre Cement Sheeting

Less condensation and is maintenance free.

Tile Effect Sheeting

Gives the appearance of a traditional roof cladding

Ridge Capping

To suit fibre cement and steel roof sheeting.

Ridge Capping To suit fibre cement and steel roof sheeting Translucent Lights

Roof lights to suit the building's function.

Composite Panels

These panels provide built-in insulation for your roof.

Steel Roof Colours

Our still roof sheeting available in a range of colours.

Fibre Cement Colours

Fibre cement roof sheeting available in a range of colours.

Vertical Overlap Boarding

The most cost effective way to clad our timber building walls.

Stock Walling

Treated timber sawn or T&G horizontal stock walling

Shiplap Boarding

For when horizontal boarding is a key element of the design.

Feather Edge Boarding

Typically used on buildings to give a a traditional appearance.

Dividing Walls

Can provide a secure or segregated area within your building.

Timber Stains

Applied by the customer onto timber that we have pre-treated

Timber Stains

Applied by the customer onto timber that we have pre-treated

Green Timber Treatment

Enhances the natural colour of sawn softwood timber.

Timber and Steel Doors

Timber or steel doors hinged or with a sliding track.

Personnel & Stable Doors

A range of sturdy timber personnel and stable doors.


Galebreaker products for speedy access and optimum ventilation.

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