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Golden Pearls Larval Diets



'Golden Pearls' is a revolutionary new larval diet that is currently experiencing great success in marine fish and shrimp hatcheries worldwide. The secret to its success is an innovative manufacturing process which involves the agglomeration of micro-encapsulated particles that 'traps' tiny air pockets inside of the feed particles. This results in a 'non-sinking' particle diet that remains suspended in the larvae tank. The introduction of Golden Pearls has significantly reduced the dependence, and in some cases, replaced live feeds (rotifers and Artemia nauplii) in commercial marine fish and shrimp hatcheries.

Ingredients: High quality fish meals, crustacean meal, purified fish oils, phospholipids, astaxanthin, vitamins and protected minerals, antioxidants, and immunostimulants. Analysis: Protein - 60%, Lipids - 8%, Ash - 15%, Moisture - 8%, Vit C - 2000 ppm, Vit E - 400 ppm, Astaxanthin - 500 ppm.

Storage and Packaging: All Golden Pearl particle sizes are 'nitrogen flushed' into one kilo, vapor-barrier foil bags. There are 12-pouches per case. Once opened, the product should be resealed and stored under cool, dry conditions.

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