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  • Visible Implant Fluorescent Elastomer (VIE) Shrimp and Fish Tags Hand Injection Kits

    The Visible Implant Fluorescent Elastomer (VIE) tagging system was developed to provide externally visible internal marks for fish and other aquatic animals. The elastomer system utilizes a specially developed, biocompatible, two part fluorescent elastomer material. After mixing, the elastomer is a liquid that can be injected into tissue with a hypodermic syringe. This material cures into a pliable solid that serves as a cohesive, well-defined mark. The use of different colors in combination wi

  • Model VIE - Four Color Mini Kit

    Model VIE - Four Color Mini Kit

    The VIE Four Color Mini Kit is ideal for the individual who has a small number of animals to tag and needs a variety of colors.

  • Larval Diets & Enrichment Products

  • Golden Pearls Larval Diets

    Golden Pearls Larval Diets

    'Golden Pearls' is a revolutionary new larval diet that is currently experiencing great success in marine fish and shrimp hatcheries worldwide. The secret to its success is an innovative manufacturing process which involves the agglomeration of micro-encapsulated particles that 'traps' tiny air pockets inside of the feed particles. This results in a 'non-sinking' particle diet that remains suspended in the larvae tank. The introduction of Golden...

  • Black Pearl Artemia Flake

    Black Pearl Artemia Flake

    Our Black Pearl Artemia flake diet contains 100% Artemia biomass and is made fresh when an order is received. This high protein feed is an excellent post-larval diet for P. monodon and P. vannamei as a crumble. Color is dark brown but other color variations are available upon request. Other essential ingredients include immuno-stimulants, astaxanthin, stabilized vitamin C, and lipids. This flake does not cloud the culture water.

  • Instant Algae - Monoculture Marine Microalgae

    Instant Algae - Monoculture Marine Microalgae

    Instant Algae is produced from highly concentrated, monoculture marine microalgae. It is grown in a high-tech, tightly controlled photo bioreactor system where sources of contamination are eliminated. The paste can easily be reconstituted by mixing it with either fresh or salt water. Simply shake or blend the concentrate into a small quantity of water and feed it directly to your tank. With minimal circulation the microalgae will remain suspended and...

  • Self Emulsified Liquid Concentrate (SELCO)

    Self Emulsified Liquid Concentrate (SELCO)

    SELCO (self emulsified liquid concentrate) was developed by Artemia Systems in Belgium and has been the benchmark enrichment formula to the aquaculture industry since the mid-1980's. This Artemia or rotifer enrichment formula is rich in HUFA (highly unsaturated fatty acids) and is super concentrated. .3 grams (~10 drops) per liter or quart of water is sufficient for enriching hundreds of thousands of Artemia nauplii and adults as well as rotifers.