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Do you run a busy farm? You’ll be familiar with the importance of storing grain properly. The lifespan of grain can be significantly increased when it’s stored in the right environment: dry, aerated and at a low, regulated temperature. Purpose-built grain stores are the best way to protect your grain and ensure it lasts for many months. Using long, prestressed concrete panels is a versatile and reliable option. Walls can be built up to 6 metres tall (possibly more on specific jobs) and, when sealed correctly, they provide a watertight finish. Furthermore, dividing walls can be built to create individual bays on a temporary or permanent basis. Many of our customers prefer temporary grain walling using a freestanding unit so that bays can be adapted as required.

L-shaped retaining walls are ideal for creating grain storage. The units can be cast into a new concrete floor slab or bolted to an existing concrete base.

These walls are suitable for storing grain on either side and depending on the height of the unit, an additional surcharge can be applied.

Used with a steel frame, horizontal concrete panels are clipped to the inside face of the steel. We can supply panels up to lengths of 6096mm (depending on loadings) and the joints can be sealed for a watertight finish.

When using prestressed concrete panels to build grain stores, we recommend a thickness of 150mm but if necessary in higher constructions, we can supply panels up to 280mm thick.

Alternatively, vertical cantilever walls can be used as they don’t require steels: instead they’re embedded into a concrete foundation and tied to the floor slab. It’s the easier option in terms of steel frames but there is groundwork required.

Ideal for creating temporary walls, these freestanding units use their own weight to stand up steadily. This is perfect for creating simple dividing walls without needing to do any foundation work.

However, if the construction requires it, these freestanding retaining walls can be fixed down.

As with the freestanding units, Lego blocks are great for creating quick temporary structures without needing to do any groundwork at all.

They are quick to lock together and weighty enough to cope with significant loads.

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