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  • Grain Stores

    Grain Stores

    Do you run a busy farm? You’ll be familiar with the importance of storing grain properly. The lifespan of grain can be significantly increased when it’s stored in the right environment: dry, aerated and at a low, regulated temperature. Purpose-built grain stores are the best way to protect your grain and ensure it lasts for many months. Using long, prestressed concrete panels is a versatile and reliable option. Walls can be built up to 6...

  • Silage Clamps

    Silage Clamps

    There are a number of different products that can be used to create a silage pit including; the prestressed concrete panels, vertical panels, and the precast retaining wall units. The height you can go to will depend upon the product being used, generally it is best to stick to a maximum of around 3500mm (you can go higher if required - please ask). When constructing a silage clamp it is very important to consider the loadings being placed on the...