- Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester



The concept of the MAXTRON 620 sets new standards for gentle and maximum output sugar beet harvesting and more protection for your land.Driven Oppel Wheels dig out the sugar beet and transport an almost clean crop onto the following cleaning unit. The crop flows across the full working width over the webs and DLG awarded cleaning rollers. Officially proved tests show that yield losses caused by the digging and cleaning process are reduced to a minimum.

The MAXTRON 620 digging and cleaning concept follows one of the main thesis from Grimme which also applies for the potato technology: as gentle as possible, as agressive as necessary.

The MAXTRON 620 chassis is designed with the main focus to protect your land even under strong conditions. Two rubber tracks at the front and a large twin wheel at the rear give coverage over the full widht of the machine for minimum ground pressure. The steering head at the rear combined with the active steering of the rubber tracks generates maximum manoeuvrability with an inner radius of just one metre and avoids unnecessary and damaging turns.

The several awarded Touch Screen Terminal VISUAL-CONTROL enables even untrained drivers to control the complex machine after a short time. Ergonomically optimized the driver sets and controls all machine function from the drivers cab, making it easy and simple.

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