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Hanging Gutter System


The hanging gutter system was developed in Israel, adapted to local conditions and tried all over the world. The containers (troughs) can be of different types. On the following page you see ones made of Polystyrene. The recommended substrate is coconut fiber or a mixture of peat and perlite.

It’s not feasible to use Polystyrene containers when transport is involved, because of the volume. Rather one should use troughs made of Polypropylene sheets, coloured black on the inside (to avoid mold and algae developing) and white on the outside (for better light utilization, avoiding overheating in the hotter seasons).

In Israel several techniques were tried and the optimum solution was found to be the hanging gutter system, as with it one achieves the greater density of plant growth.

It also allows workers to easily treat the plants (transplanting, trimming, cleaning up etc.), and harvesting is done differently (see later on).

The height of the gutter should match the worker’s average seated height. In Israel it is 1.5m from the ground.

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