Hay Bale Fork



The Smart Bale Tools fork grabs the bales by a simple vertical movement of the loader. A flap system automatically clamps the bales when the fork is lifted and releases them when the fork puts them down. It is available with attachement for ALO-Quicke front end loader or threepoints hitch. Other or custom attachements are available upon request. 3-year warranty on parts.

  • Speed and ease of use : handling is done in the bale’s length direction so the carrier can move in the same direction as the field.
  • Operating costs optimization and time saving : 2 to 6 bales can be loaded at the same time onto the trailer which makes operator and equipment mobilization time up to three times shorter.
  • Energy consumption reduction and environmental impact limitation.
  • Easy bale orientation control for easy stacking and storage.
  • Allows good hay ventilation by automatically managing the lateral space in between the bale piles.
  • Makes a single carrier able to hold two forks, allowing it to carry 6 to 12 bales at the time according to its capacity.

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