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Horizontal Band Dryer



Artificial Drying of products not free flowing and sensitive to mechanical handling.Cimbria’s horizontal band dryer is specially constructed to meet drying demands of different seeds and organic products (Grass and vegetable seeds, wood chips and saw dust etc). An air stream, optimally adjusted in temperature and volume to suit the actual product, is passing through a slowly moving steel belt, manufactured from perforated steel lamellas. Both the height of product layer and the belt speed are adjustable, enabling a perfect saturation of the exhaust air according to different drying processes and products.

Horizontal band dryers are built in a modular system where the sections are arranged in a single row or in two or more layers, improving the mix of the product and uniformity of the final moist content. As well as the continuous flow dryer, horizontal dryers can be heated in different ways by different fuels, direct or indirect. The last sections mostly are used for final cooling of the product to ensure safe storage conditions. Alternatively the same machine can be used as cooler for feed pellets etc, using ambient air instead of heated air.

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