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Instant Algae is produced from highly concentrated, monoculture marine microalgae. It is grown in a high-tech, tightly controlled photo bioreactor system where sources of contamination are eliminated. The paste can easily be reconstituted by mixing it with either fresh or salt water. Simply shake or blend the concentrate into a small quantity of water and feed it directly to your tank. With minimal circulation the microalgae will remain suspended and is easily available to your animals. By mixing two or more cultures together you can create a wide variety of nutritional mixes, allowing you to find the optimal diet for your animals.

Inland Seafarm microalgae concentrate can be used as either a primary or backup food source. As a primary food source microalgae concentrate is an excellent source of nutrition and readily accepted by zooplankton, shellfish larvae, and shrimp larvae. In tests it has shown to be up to 100% as effective as live microalgae culture. It is also very convenient to use, easy to measure, and can be much more cost effective than growing your own microalgae.

If you are producing your own microalgae and are concerned about maintaining a consistent food supply, Instant Algae™ can be your 'insurance'. Microalgae cultures can be very difficult to maintain and 'crash' easily. By keeping a supply of Instant Algae™ in your freezer you will have a ready source of microalgae until you can get your own cultures back on line. Note: Instant Algae™ is not a starter culture. Centrifuging and chilling the cells make it impossible for them to reproduce.


Instant Algae™ is grown under lab conditions in a completely closed system. The water is filtered, purified, and sterilized to eliminate and remove all contaminants. It is certified 100% free from viruses, toxins, and heavy metals.

Nutrient Rich - Grown in Cold Water Microalgae that is grown in cold water has a much higher nutritional profile than microalgae grown in warm water. Our microalgae is grown in water that varies from 16C to 22C, depending on the culture.

Storage and Packaging: Instant Algae™ has been cryopreserved to give it a 1 year + frozen shelf life while retaining properties and nutrition similar to live microalgae. It must be kept frozen (a standard freezer is ok) and has a liquid viscosity, making it very easy to work with. The algae is packed in one liter, leak-proof pouches. There are 10 liters per Styrofoam box.

Minimum order is one case (10 liters)

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