JAGODA JPS Agromachines

- Model ALEK - Orchard Disc Cultivator


Orchard disc cultivator ALEK is adapted to attached on the front and on the rear of the tractor. it is used for backfilling the channel created underplanting trees, backfilling ridges formed during other agricultural works and backfilling plant bases to protect roots from frost.


The machine has a mechanically adjustable angle ( left, right, up and down). The discs can be spaced, and angled, according to your needs.
The height can be adjusted using a three-point linkage. ALEK can be complementary to the orchard planter.

  • Method of attachment : three-point linkage - front or rear of the tractor
  • Drive : Mechanical
  • The diameter of the backfilling disc :425 mm
  • Number of people to operate: tractor operator
  • Working Speed: Approximate 20 km/h
  • Transport speed: 30 km/h
  • Working width max: 1260mm (from the tractor axis)
  • Working width min: 750 mm from the tractor axis
  • Transport width: ~1785 mm
  • Working height: ~485  mm
  • Weight: 110 kg

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