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From weighing to proportioning, mixing, conditioning, expanding and extruding - AMANDUS KAHL not only supplies you with all the machines for an industrial compound feed plant, but also takes over the planning, logistics and necessary construction measures for a turnkey handover.

Our compound feed plants consist of numerous individual machines, which are manufactured by KAHL. Our crown expander OEK plays a decisive role here. Even feed mixtures that are difficult to process or cannot be pelleted can be processed easily with this machine. The crown expander OEK features a significant improvement in the flexibility of expanding (SME control with hydraulically adjustable cone). Coarse particles remain coarse, contrary to traditional pelleting. In addition, a high starch modification and high throughputs are possible. These advantages are complemented by low energy consumption. Furthermore, existing expanders can easily be converted to crown expanders. With our crown expander you will work much more economically with lower energy consumption.

Our pelleting press is also essential for a KAHL compound feed plant. Whether small, medium or high capacities – our flat die pelleting presses have proven their worth for decades in the production of feed mixtures that are difficult to process.

In order to simplify the operation of the expander and the flat die pelleting press as much as possible, we also offer the automated control systems EAPR and ESEP. In addition, all upstream and downstream machines, which complete your compound feed plant, are manufactured by KAHL.

KAHL Services:

Turn-key feed mills and plants for compound feed, shrimp and fish feed, pet food, premix/concentrate, roughage and green forage.

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