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The use of our extruder OEE 25 NG for the production of fish and shrimp feed not only facilitates precise shaping and setting of the extrudate density, but also enables die changes within 10 minutes. Our KAHL fish feed plants are equipped with the latest process technology, the core of which is the extrusion system with the extruder OEE 25 NG and the process control system ESEP.

A fish feed plants includes several individual machines for conveying, proportioning, pre-treatment and subsequent cooling and storage. Below you will find an overview of some of the steps required to produce fish feed:

Two-stage conditioning

As preparation for extrusion, the feed mixtures are precooked by means of a special two-stage conditioning process in accordance with the different starch properties. The principal machine is the retention conditioner. In this machine, the retention time of the feed is continuously adjustable between 60 and 180 seconds, using a special pile-up geometry at the outlet. Depending on the feed properties, the desired retention time is determined in the formula or directly at the user interface. A correction during operation as well as automatic emptying of the retention conditioner at automatic stop of the plant are possible.

Extruder, type OEE 25 NG

Since 2019 AMANDUS KAHL has been manufacturing a new generation of extruders. The extruder type OEE 25 NG (New Generation) can cover an output range of up to 10 t/h in large-scale industrial applications. The new KAHL extruder, for example, features the proven KAHL stop bolt technology in the first cylinder section, which enables homogeneous product mixing and venting. However, efficient fine control elements (adjustment of screw speed, addition of steam or water or individually adjustable heating or cooling jackets) are also part of the new extruder generation. The focus of development was also clearly on user-friendliness. A double-joint connection ensures fast tool and knife change.

Vacuum Coater

In our KAHL vacuum coater the fish pellets are refined with fats and liquids. The sequence of the individual process steps in vacuum coating can be tracked and retraced by the operator. As a result, the parameters can be adjusted on the basis of the extrudate properties or formula. This refers in particular to the important steps of liquid proportioning, vacuum breaking, sequence and speed of the coater. Thus, the saturation level of the liquids in the product, the fines production and the throughput can be optimised.

Quality Management

The continuous quality control of the finished product is ensured by a software system for batch traceability. It forms the basis for a total quality management and allows storing more than 1,000 formulae and retracing the production data. With the help of continuous batch marking in the process database, it can be traced which production adjustment was chosen at which time. When storing the time when samples are taken, the results of the laboratory analysis can be assigned to the exact production data.

  • Exact proportioning of solid matters, liquids, steam, and water
  • Optimum product conditioning by means of a combination of continuous mixer and continuously adjustable retention conditioner
  • Extruder design with hydraulically adjustable die prevents blockages. Together with the retention conditioner starting and stopping are possible almost without residues
  • Rapid die change
  • Belt drier in stainless steel design with variable layer level and retention time. Gentle drying with adaptation of the drying parameters to different pellet sizes
  • Coating system for the application of oils, fats and micro-components in atmosphere or vacuum
  • Crumbling device for rearing feed of 0.1 mm to 2 mm
  • In addition to the process and plant design for the complete line, KAHL provides comprehensive advice and support regarding the basic formulae and the raw materials to be used as well as intensive training of the operating personnel. Training is performed in the Kahl pilot plant in Reinbek/Germany as well as locally during commissioning of the plant

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