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rooting substrate equipment

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model WET-2 - WET Sensor

    Measures Water content, EC and Temperature. Measures directly within the root zone. A vital tool for precision horticulture. In just 5 seconds the WET Sensor checks 3 crucial variables that influence plant growth: water content, temperature and pore water conductivity (ECp), the EC of the water that is available to the plant.

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from WET Sensor Product line

  • JBH - Gutter Systems

    All JBH systems are economical and flexible gutter-systems to support the substrate. Economical because the drain water is collected for reuse and flexible because we can adjust the sizes of each system to the specific wishes of each customer. For vegetables we offer systems isolated from the ground with separate drain water discharge to avoid ...

    By JB Hydroponics B.V. based in Maasdijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model MXL - Professional Substrate

    Extra coarse substrate for potting Mikskaar MXL is a universal potting substrate suitable for potting of a wide range of indoor plants, trees, ornamentals. This mix is suitable for long term cultivation in medium and large pots and containers. The substrate is made of 100% natural, a little decomposed milled peat moss of Estonian origin. Substrate ...

    By Mikskaar AS based in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Professional Substrate Product line

  • Model MYKS2 - Micro Substrate

    MicroSubstrate MYKS2 is a peat based substrate with Mycorrhiza, that colonizes plant roots and extends far into the soil. Mycelium of Mycorrhiza increases the root area up to 100-1000 times. Plant resistance against stress factors like: drought, pathogens, low nutrient content is increased. Plant growth is faster, yield is better. Improves ...

    By Mikskaar AS based in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Micro Substrate Product line

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Fertigation System

    Fertigation consists of applying simultaneously water and fertilizers through the irrigation system, supplying the nutrients required by the crops to the soil or substrate. Fertigation is especially useful in the case of drip irrigation. By means of automatic high technology fertigation equipments the water and the nutrients are perfectly placed ...

    By Ulma Agrícola based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa), SPAIN. from Greenhouse Fertigation System Product line

  • Green Plug

    Green Products B.V. specialises in the production of paper pots – Greenplugs - with diameters from 13 to 28 mm. Our Greenplugs consist of a sowing or cutting medium contained in a fully biodegradable pot that allows easy root penetration. Seeds and young plants develop rapidly in the RHP-certified substrates of the highest quality. Green ...

    By Green Products B.V. based in Kampen, NETHERLANDS. from Green Plug Product line

  • Hydroponic - Combined System

    The combined system, as its name suggests, groups the two previous systems: Complete System + Bulk System.The upper part of the system contains the substrate in bulk, in which the crop will be placed, thus draining perfectly and allowing the lower part to correctly carry out its collecting function by airing out the substrate and enabling perfect ...

    By Hydroponic Systems International based in Edificio Tomás Guillén, SPAIN. from Combined System Product line

  • Model MPS2 - Professional Peat Substrate

    MPS2 is a medium-structure mix for potting, for manual and automatic filling. This is the mix for growing vegetable and ornamental plants. The peat moss has been screened, the particle size is 6-20mm. The structure of the substrate is suitable for automatic filling of pots. For root aeration and better water absorption the substrate includes in ...

    By Mikskaar AS based in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Professional Peat Substrate Product line

  • Demtec - Model 4016 - Potting Machines

    The 4016 is large enough for heavy filling.  It can process pots up to 42 cm and drills plant holes up to 23 cm.  With the machine, bare roots can easily be potted.  The pot ring is voluntarily kept low to enable ergonomic potting.  Thanks to the central adjustment of the potting ring it is not difficult to switch to a ...

    By Demaitere bvba - demtec based in Moorslede, BELGIUM. from Potting Machines Product line

  • DOMOFLOR - Model MIX 3 - Substrate Domoflor

    Black peat substrate sieved to 5 mm an ideal soil for growing vegetables, ornamental and fruit plants in pots and trays of small sizes. The ampelous plants perfectly grow in, as they require a moist soil. You will save money on watering; the plants obtain the optimal ratio of water and air in the root zone. Use: an ideal soil for growing ...

    By Domoflor based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Substrate Domoflor Product line

  • Coir Substrates

    The delicate balance between moisture and drainage is an ongoing challenge to the hydroponic industry around the world as air is required by the roots of all plants for optimum health.

    By Galuku International Pty Ltd based in Vaucluse, AUSTRALIA. from Coir Substrates Product line

  • FlexiMix - Cellular Rooting Sponge Technology

    FlexiMix is a peat based potting soil that is manufactured in a process similar to Grow-Tech’s FlexiPlugs. The resulting rooting sponge is then shredded into a granular material. FlexiMix has high air filled porosity and a uniquely high water holding capacity. This means not only greater water retention (and thus less watering by you) but an ...

    By Quick Plug based in South Portland, MAINE (USA).

  • Ciemhus Cactus - Substrates

    The CIEMHUS CACTUS substrate is the basis for the proper functioning of all your succulent plants. Thanks to its high drainage and porosity it will prevent waterlogging of roots and will provide the best support for the development of these. COMPOSITION: Natural volcanic gravel, silica sand, Sphagnum peat, Herbaceous peat (H8), and cocopeat. ...

    By Infertosa S.A. based in DOOR, SPAIN. from Substrates Product line

  • DOMOPLANT - Hobby Growing Substrate - South Europe Climate

    The hobby substrate is composed of a mixture of peat moss high decomposition. Due to the composition our substrate guarantees harmonious and healthy growth, root and airing development, dimensions and size, maximum florescence your house, balcony or garden plants. Available in 20l, 45l, 70l bags. Quantity on palette: 156, 60, 42. ...

    By Domoflor based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Hobby Growing Substrate - South Europe Climate Product line

  • DOMOPLANT - Hobby Growing Substrate - South Temperate Climate

    The hobby substrate is composed of a mixture of peat moss. Due to the composition our substrate guarantees harmonious and healthy growth, root and airing development, dimensions and size, maximum florescence your house, balcony or garden plants.

    By Domoflor based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Hobby Growing Substrate - South Temperate Climate Product line

  • Soil Moisture Sensor

    Our patented soil moisture sensor - like a tensiometer, the tool used by professionals - measures the soil moisture tension. It determines the quantity of water that is actually available to the plants' roots regardless of the soil type. Unlike cheaper methods (electrical conductivity, dielectric permittivity, capacitivity etc.) Koubachi measures ...

    By Koubachi AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • SmartBee - Model 100112 - Handheld Water Content Meter

    Water content plays a critical role in the life of plants. They need adequate water to develop a strong root system and for cooling themselves.  Irrigation is about proper timing and maintaining the available water at the appropriate amounts.  When water content drops below proper levels, crop stress develops that lead to loss of both ...

    By SmartBee - Swarm Technologies LLC based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Handheld Water Content Meter Product line

  • Fertil - Bulk Non-Woven Fertiss

    FERTISS plugs delivered in boxes, ready to be placed in your trays. FERTISS is a ready to use propagation plug for young or in vitro plants. The substrate is retained by a nonwoven paper. The roots can go through the paper. From this moment, the young plant can be transplanted.

    By Fertil based in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE. from Bulk Non-Woven Fertiss Product line

  • Bio Substrate

    BIOsubstrate is natural growing medium composed of sphagnum peat moss and woodfiber and it is extremely well aerated and has high drainage capacity. This helps with rapid rooting and stronger roots, which results in rapid vegetative growth of plants.

    By Mikskaar AS based in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Bio Substrate Product line

  • MyPot - Model MP0101 - Automatic Grow Table

    Grow easily and quickly up to 8 fresh and organic vegetables at home!MyPot® Automatic Growing Table is an easy growing system that allows you to easily grow healthy food in a small space,quickly and automatically. It has a compact design that is suitable for balconies, terraces, gardens and even inside the home. What can I grow in the MyPot® ...

    By MyPot - New Garden System based in SPAIN.

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