Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG

Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG

Almost 100 years of experience in peat processing, makes Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG an innovative specialist: we have been producing and selling high quality cultivation substrates for professional, international horticulture for over 30 years. Today, we are one of Germany`s leading producers of growing media. We develop, produce and sell cultivation substrates for international, professional horticulture with high standards of quality.

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Torfwerkstraße 11 , Georgsdorf , D-49828 Germany
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Our philosophy: The satisfaction and the benefit of our customers are the focus of our activities. Our environmental and social responsibility is something our family-owned company tries to live up to in a sustainable matter.
Our goal: Safe, high quality products for the professional horticulture community and fast, reliable service at a reasonable price for our clients.
Our quality: High quality raw materials, competent and motivated employees, modern factories, DIN EN ISO 9001 certification since 2004 and external quality controls (e.g. member of the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate e.V. since 1998) ensure a consistently high level of quality for our products.
Our products: We are experts for professional substrates. We also produce high quality retail potting soils using the same raw materials and in the same plants as we do our professional substrates. These soils are available for select specialized shops and retailers.

'The satisfaction and best interests of our customers are at the heart of our company‘s activities. We want to offer our customers good, honest and safe products at a fair price and provide our employees with secure jobs. To this end we will retain the independence of the family business and enhance its value.“

What does quality mean for Brill?

With almost 100 years of experience in peat processing, Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG has been an innovative specialist since 1920 and is one of Germany‘s leading producers of growing substrates for the international horticulture community.

Our main target is to supply safe products for professional horticulture of a consistently high quality, offering a reliable and flexible delivery service as and when they are needed.

Based on a well-established quality management system with defined processes and controls, Brill supplies its customers with a uniform standard of high quality products at a cost effective price reflecting fair market value. Substrates with a high and consistent quality are necessary for our customer's market success, and thus for ours as well.

Certified quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001

The most important building block for quality is our comprehensive, convincing quality management (QM) which was certified in 2004. Since then we have been meeting the standards of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 norm. Our QM monitors and controls all processes and measures necessary for the production of high quality substrates. The goal of our QM: to increase customer satisfaction at all levels.

Quality management begins with the use of high quality, if possible certified, raw materials safeguarded through internal and external controls. It ensures the permanent internal and external monitoring of our modern production facilities. In addition to this, our product consultation by our competent agricultural engineers acts as a further cornerstone of quality. You can easily reach our product consultation department by phone. We also offer on-site consultation upon request to ensure the selection of the right substrate and if necessary, its adjustment to the cultivation requirements. 

Continual quality control ensures our substrates' quality:

We only use high quality raw materials and additives that are inspected before use: The raw materials white peat, wood fiber and compost all have the RAL quality mark, meaning they are continually externally monitored. We strive to ensure a RAL quality standard for other raw materials in the future

We use modern production sites: at our site in Georgsdorf, three computer controlled production sites offer continuous monitoring of all important production parameters and an exact dosage of all raw materials and additives. A large part of our production is on demand, tailored to the client's modification wishes. This is why a continuous internal control of all products is important: pH value and EC value (salt content) are controlled during every production, multiple times for large production charges, according to a specific quantity grid.

Samples are taken from every production charge. These are stored for at least six months, so that all important parameters can be controlled at a later time.

In addition to internal production controls, our products are regularly controlled by the external and independent LUFA Northwest laboratory.

As a member of the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V. (Quality Assurance Association Growing Media for Plant Cultivation) we have been subject to regular rigorous external quality controls since 1998. The company Gebr.

Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG in Georgsdorf is also holder of the RAL quality mark for cultivation substrates: Brill was first awarded the RAL quality mark in 1998 and has been receiving the certificate of the 'amended' RAL quality mark for cultivation substrates since 17.06.2008. In the course of the 'new' RAL quality mark for cultivation substrates, not just single, but all substrates of each production site are tested according to these quality control standards. Product monitoring begins with the testing of all raw materials and additives; the tested quality criteria are recorded and documented using data sheets. This is a further step of Brill's quality management system towards increasing and improving product safety and crop stability for gardeners.

The quality marks from CAS of France and the BPF of Belgium also stand for Brill's quality products.

Our BIO substrates are in accordance with EU Vo 834/2007. This is monitored and controlled by the PCU Deutschland GmbH.

We are also a supporting member of Global GAP.

Around 450 years ago, German foresters invented the concept of sustainability to ensure a consistent supply of wood for the mining industry. The forestry scientist G.L. Hartwig defined sustainability, more simply put, as 'Never harvesting more wood than can be re-grown'.
We, the Gebr. Brill Substrate GmbH & Co. KG, feel obligated to live the idea of sustainability. We want to protect the economic and social interests that our clients and employees are entitled to while at the same time safeguarding our natural livelihood. As a family owned business, we want to achieve these goals on a long term basis and also for future genrations.
We understand sustainability to be an all encompassing concept that goes beyond our sustainable product strategy. We include social responsibility in our business strategy just as we do our environmental responsibility. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we give it its own section on our website: Responsability.


The company is located in the municipality of Georgsdorf in the county of Bentheim. Here in the northwest of Germany, in the middle of the Bourtanger peat lands, you can find one of the most important cultivation areas for black peat.


The company belongs to the leading German manufacturers of cultivation substrates for German and international horticulture. It develops, produces and sells a wide range of professional substrates based on peat, and in recent years, increasing amounts of renewable resources.