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water trough Equipment

  • Model Miraco Series - Water Troughs

    Flat back design fits flush with wall. Center between stalls or place one on each end of single stalls. No wenches required for valve compartment access. Rubber gasket for air-light dome seal. Optional gravity fill assembly available. Stainless steel anchor bolts included. Optional 250 or 500 Walt Miraco heaters available.

    By Hatfield Manufacturing, Inc. based in Gooding, IDAHO (USA). from Water Troughs Product line

  • Water Troughs

    As any other animal, a dairy cow needs food and water in order to produce milk. While the more affordable resource, water should receive the same amount of attention as any ration of feed. After all, milk consists of 87% water! To produce 1 liter of milk, cows need 3 liters of water, or up to 4 liters in the summer time. This is equal to a volume ...

    By Arntjen Germany GmbH based in Rastede, GERMANY.

  • Water Troughs

    Protect your most valuable asset with a clean, fresh water supply! Ideal for freestalls or parlor barns. Works great for cleaning cross-over alleys that a flush system can't reach!

    By Albers Dairy Equipment based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Water Troughs

    A dairy cow requires 4 or 5 litres of good clean drinking water for every litre of milk she produces. To keep a drinking trough clean is obviously crucial to allow her to drink the required amount. If the water gets dirty and stagnant, cows would not drink enough and that in turn not only has a direct influence on the milk production but ...

    By De Boer Housing Systems Ltd based in Gonvena Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Products Product line

  • Plain Water Troughs

    Standard water troughs are 435mm Wide x 410mm Deep with no service box. Can be made with water bunges

    By LM Bateman & Co. Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Troughs Product line

  • Medium Water Trough

    4'-0' Medium water trough 95 Gallon 6'-0' Medium water trough 135 Gallon 8'-0' Medium water trough 180 Gallon 10'-0' Medium water trough 220 Gallon

    By Agritec UK Ltd based in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM. from Farmyard Products - Water Troughs Product line

  • Transportable Water Trough for Animals

    Transportable animal drinker is equipped with 3 pieces of animal feeders. Bowls have a self-regulated level of filling, thannks that the drinker may be left unattended in a pasture. Emptying is done automatically. The vehicle has:- brake system, 12V electrical system, the lift with adjustable height of the drawbar.  The vehicle is prepared ...

    By Pomot Ltd based in Chojna, POLAND. from Special Slurry Tanks Product line

  • Water Trough Monitor

    The water trough monitor provides valuable information on water pressure and thereby water level of the feeding troughs. Reduces the fear of water being unavailable for stock as it records instantly when water pressure falls for any reason. Benefits: Eliminates the need to walk the farm to monitor water trough levels and provides peace of mind ...

    By Smart Farm Systems based in Invercargill, NEW ZEALAND.

  • JFC - Oval Fast Fill Water Trough

    Fitted with fast flow float valve (up to 175L/min @ 3 bar pressure). JFC Fast Fill Troughs Valve protected within a plastic compartment with easy access for servicing. JFC Fast Fill Troughs Extra plastic for greater strength and durability. JFC Fast Fill Troughs Large diameter (50mmØ) threaded drain plug for fast and effective draining and ...

    By JFC Manufacturing Co Ltd based in Tuam, IRELAND. from Agriculture - Water Troughs Product line

  • Kyle - Welding Water Troughs

    Kyle Welding has been making water tanks and troughs for over the past fifty years, some are still being used today. Kyle Welding livestock water troughs are constructed of 12 gauge galvanized sheet metal, not tin. They have an angle iron reinforcement around the upper perimeter and cross braces across the middle, a 2” drain outlet, and ...

    By Kyle Welding & Machine Shop Ltd. based in Kyle, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • In-House Water Trough

    100 Gallon In-House Water Trough’s long narrow profile makes it an ideal option for positioning in walk ways in cubicle houses.   The rounded corners on this drinker makes it safer for stock.  Each trough is fitted with a 75mm rubber bung which drains in less than 2 minutes.

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Housing Product line

  • Model 30 - Oval Water Troughs

    UV Resistant. Design allows for easy clean out. More durable than wood

    By Flexahopper Plastics Ltd based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Agricultural- Livestock Products Product line

  • Top Entry Drinking Trough

    Top Entry Drinking Trough the rounded corners are included throughout the entire range both internally and externally, including the base. This not only makes the drinker safer for animals, but also enhances the strength.

    By Murphy Concrete Products Ltd. based in Co. Wexford, IRELAND. from Agricultural- Water Troughs Product line

  • Bottom Entry Drinking Trough

    Tougher & Safer for Animals

    By Murphy Concrete Products Ltd. based in Co. Wexford, IRELAND. from Agricultural- Water Troughs Product line

  • Model 30L - Stainless Trough

    Stainless trough, to hang (c/c 79-86 cm). 30L volume.

    By Jyden Bur A/S based in Vemb, DENMARK. from Water systems Product line

  • Knee for Hydro Trough

    The knee that fits on the Bato hydro trough, 2 knees need to be installed on the hydro trough to irrigate the water, so that the water is always fresh.

    By Bato Plastics B.V. based in Zevenbergen, NETHERLANDS. from Horticultural- Substrate Troughs Product line

  • Hydro Trough

    The Bato Hydro Trough is suitable for hydro cultivation systems with constant water reservoirs. The trough has a highly efficient internal drain water discharge system: by installation two assembled Bato knees, the drain water goes from the lowest level of the trough and will be discharged into the central drain pipe. By doing this, the water ...

    By Bato Plastics B.V. based in Zevenbergen, NETHERLANDS. from Horticultural- Substrate Troughs Product line

  • Model Euro 10 - Drinking Trough

    Euro 10 – Drinking trough with water plug from above or below. Fitted with high water capacity valve. Plug for cleaning.

    By OMVE s.r.l. based in Guastalla (RE), ITALY. from Cattle Division- Equipment Product line

  • Feed Troughs

    As well as Water Troughs we manufacture a comprehensive range of durable concrete Feed Troughs suitable for use with dairy and beef cattle. Our livestock feed bunks are suitable for use with diet feeders ensuring food stuffs are kept clean and within livestock reach at all times. This in turn encourages animals to eat the whole mix thus ...

    By Moore Concrete Products Ltd based in Co. Antrim, IRELAND. from Livestock Feeding and Drinking Product line

  • Starter - Troughs for Piglets

    The Domino Starter trough is ideal for both softened feed, water and dry feed. It is made in 2 versions - in black PE plastics and in stainless steel. The plastic version has got a larger bottom area and is very suitable for dry feed. The stainless version has got a smaller bottim area which contributes to a quicker distribution of the ...

    By Domino A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from Products for Porkers- Piglet Feeders Product line

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