- Model PF SELECT 1000 - 1500 - Integrated Sprayers



Lacking in autonomy? An excellent solution is the PF front sprayer. It increases the productivity of a mounted sprayer as well as balances out the load on the tractor while remaining exceptionally compact. This sprayer offers excellent handling and increases output to the equivalent of a trailed or self-propelled sprayer. Combined with the ALTIS 2002, this spraying duo reaches a record capacity of 3,500 liters (3,940 actual liters). Dead space is minimized with the single pipe that links it all together. PF SELECT has a similar design to the PF with neither pump nor set-up. It comes in 1,350 and 1,850 actual liter capacity versions. With its simple finish and functional design, the PF SELECT is a highly economical solution for transporting additional clean water or liquid nitrogen. Its simple purpose is to make each trip during a spraying operation as productive as possible.

It has a cradle-shaped design in machine-welded steel, to provide a secure fit for the 3 tanks; main tank, rinsing tank and hand-washing tank. Storage compartments are among the numerous advantages that come as standard equipment. Rear transfer is carried out with a single pipe reducing dead space. A wide range of optional equipment is available.

Capacity (l) 1.000 + 190 - 1.500 + 190
Real tank capacity (l) 1350 - 1850
Type of tank Polyethylene
Transfer pipes As standard – 7m Cam-LOCK connection
Height (m) 1000 : 1.25 - 1500 : 1.51
Length (m) 1.3
Width (m) 2.4
Unloaded weight (kg) 1000 : 305 - 1500 : 340

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