Lazer Blade Plow



Conservation tillage machines designed by the farmer for the farmer. The Lazer Blade Plow conservation tillage machine possesses the tireless reliability and high quality workmanship farmers have grown to expect from Orthman. Advanced design thrusts the Lazer Blade Plow to the forefront of the industry. Working widths ranging from a maneuverable 26 ft. to a massive 55 ft. provide your operation with the opportunity to utilize the industry leading Lazer Blade Plow on your farm.

  • Pivoting 22” coulters increase point life while optimizing blade performance and reducing residue hairpin.
  • All models utilize 3,000 psi rephasing depth control cylinders for added strength and depth control.
  • Single point depth control selection allows the operator to accurately set the working depth from a user friendly single position.
  • The 4” x 6” steel tubing (1/2” wall thickness) center section teamed with an innovative A-frame tongue creates a superior implement foundation.
  • An anti-creep valve locks depth control hydraulic system to operator preference.
  • Massive 48” sweeps (top or bottom hard surfaced) spaced at 44” manage heavy residue with a 4” overlap for excellent weed control and uniform tillage.
  • Advanced design wing folding provides simple and safe implement transport.
  • In-line rockshafts provide accurate depth control with unwavering level tillage especially in shallow tillage situations.


Stubble Treader
Rearward mounted Stubble Treaders now with wider (hard surfaced) teeth and larger diameter wheels complete the tillage application.

  • Seven Tooth Stubble Treaders with seven inch spacing reduces plugging and wrapping. The wider teeth and wheel allow maximum soil penetration and weed kill.
  • The Stubble Treader’s universal mounting design allows the implement to be integrated with virtually any chisel or plow.
  • Quick Stubble Treader angle adjustment allows the operator to easily dictate the aggressiveness of the Treader gangs.

Tine Harrow
Tine Harrows can be mounted to the rear of the Stubble Treader with an adapting package or directly to the Fallow-Master to polish the field pass.

  • The three row coil tines with 3” spacing produce a circular motion for maximum leveling and soil appearance.
    • Walking tandem axles
    • Heavy duty cast tractor hitch

  • Walking tandem axles available on all models provide implement flotation for application uniformity as well as transportation safety.
  • A vertically adjustable heavy duty cast tractor hitch allows for various drawbar heights with season after season of use without hitch wear.
  • An adjustable rearward tow-hitch provides quick, simple, and safe towing of tanks and vehicles.

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Ratcheting tongue for macro adjustment
  • Standard walking tandems on center section
  • Heavy duty tongue jack
  • Hydraulic hose guides and key-hole stand
  • 30” trash clearance across the implement

Easy to adjust. Easy to service. Easy to transport.

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Orthman reserves the right to make changes in specifications shown herein or add improvements at any time without notice or obligation.

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