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LED Bulb and LED ERS Dimmer - Poultry Production



Replacing traditional light bulbs with our LED bulb, combined with the LED ERS dimmer, means that you can illuminate your barn in a most energy-efficient manner. The special ERS dimmer is the principal asset to achieve the highest efficiency and a long service life of the LED bulb. EMC interferences will be a thing of the past.

LED bulb

  • saves up to 90% in energy;
  • no heat problems in the closed housing;
  • even light distribution;
  • costs are amortised quickly: replacing the old lamps with LED bulbs usually pays off in less than two years (depending on the electricity price);
  • high-quality and robust aluminium housing.

ERS dimmer

  • 92% efficiency;
  • bypass switch;
  • manual access;
  • no minimum load;
  • protection rating IP 54;
  • soft dimming;
  • 0 –10V control input;
  • external input for a control light

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