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Leopard Series



The DMF technology (Multi Phases Decanter) has given birth to LEOPARD, the technological solution of the third era for olive oil extraction.

LEOPARD is the only two-phase decanter producing a dehydrated husk similar to the one coming from a three-phase decanter; it also separates the pulp (“pâté”) from the husk, obtaining an ideal ingredient for composting or animal feeding.
It is the only decanter that can combine modern extraction technology without the addition of water with batch processing, thanks to the bowl discharging device, automatically handled by the control panel with touch screen buttons.


  1. Top quality oil extracted without adding water.
  2. By far the highest  yield achievable on the market today.
  3. Very low water and energy consumption.


  • The advantages of processing without the addition of water (two-phase) plus the versatility of a decanter able to run both in continuous and in batch processing.
  • The possibility of recovering a certain quantity of husk - called “pâté” - made up of wet pulp without any traces of kernel directly inside the bowl. This pâté is ideal for various uses, agronomic use, animal feeding, mixed with other biomass for biogas production, as possible ingredient for human consumption, turning a by-product to be disposed of into added value for the miller.
  • The production of a dehydrated husk similar to that from a three-phase decanter.

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