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Levelling Blade



For all kind of users: It may be used with a tractor from 90 to 200 hp depending on the grader type (NP or TP). The concrete ballast allows for a high scraping capacity. For casual users: The NP model will provide you with high quality work for a low investment cost. One trailed grader for all your scraping, path refection, leveling and snow removing operations.

For demanding users

  • The TP model is designed for intensive use by public works companies.

Even with a low sophisticated tractor

  • The Perrein grader only needs a double effect rear valve and a simple effect rear valve in the base version.
  • The Perrein grader is the best implement for public works companies, for farmers, for rural path maintenance, for contractors…

Trailed grader for the rehabilitation of roads, earthworks, it provides the same quality of work as a self propelled grader.

  • Hitched to the trailer hitch of the tractor (about 80cm from the ground), it provides an excellent weight transfer to the tractor.
  • A concrete ballast weight ensures penetration of the blade into the soil.
  • A single-acting cylinder, acting on the boom, adjusts the working depth.
  • The rear axle (or double axle on TP model) is pivotally mounted; a double acting cylinder tilts the frame and the blade left or right, thus achieving lateral slopes.
  • The blade can be optionally equipped with an hydraulic orientation and a hydraulic lock.
  • On TP models, four rear wheels are mounted on an axle beam, improving the working accuracy of the blade.
  • Real grader with adjustable blade orientation, tilt and depth.
  • The wheels of the grader run on leveled ground behind the blade, providing an excellent working precision.
  • The wheels of the grader Perrein are not driven, they cannot skate (like on a self propelled grader), control blade depth is optimum.
  • The position of the rear wheels of the tractor, the grader blade and the wheels of the grader is the same position as the position of the front wheels, the blade and the rear wheels of a self propelled grader. It ensures the same quality of work.
  • Possible slippage of the wheels of the tractor (or crushing of tires) has a minimal effect on the variations of the depth of the blade. According to their position relative to the blade, a 5cm rut (or crushing of the tire) results in only 1cm in the working depth of the blade.
  • Two models of graders are available:
  • NP model with a single axle, width blade 3m or 3m60.
  • Equipped with 2 wheels 11.2 X24 agrarian
  • Weight graders NP is 2T200, they require 90 to 150hp tractor.
  • TP model, mounted with 4 wheels 11.2 X24, on axle beam, are made for more demanding customers, they are equipped with blades 3m60 or 4m width, and with a total weight of 3T800.
  • On this type of machine, there require tractor from 150 to 200hp.
  • Snow kit including skirt with rubber support.
  • Pair of side boards for retaining the product on the edges of the blade.
  • Hydraulic orientation and hydraulic locking of the blade.

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