Equipment in Ontario

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    HORIBA - Model Synapse-i 512/1024 - Low Light Imaging Cameras

    The Synapse-i scientific CCD camera is the most sensitive quantitative low light imaging camera on the market. The Synapse-i imaging camera provides real image quantification for direct correlation between the image intensity and the detected number of photons. The importance of the quantitative nature of the Synapse-i imaging camera cannot be ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Scientific Product line

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    AMI - Corn Cob Crumble Sorbent

    Use for spill cleanup of oil, grease, water and most non-aggressive fluids. Absorbs up to 4 times its weight, compared to 1 times its weight for clay absorbents. Incinerates to less than 2% ash. 40-lb. bag.

    By Argus-Hazco Office in Sarnia, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Fire Services - Hazmat Product line

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    Memograph - Model M RSG40 - Advanced Graphic Data Manager

    Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time. Safe and complete recording and visualization of all process sequences. The Memograph M RSG40 has a wide range of functionality, modular construction and a intuitive operator concept. With its brilliant 7” TFT display it is possible to display process ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Data Acquisition and Components Product line

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    Purolite - Model PCR642K - Fractionation of Dextrose, Beet Sugar, Beet Molasses, Fibersol

    Basic Features: Application - Fractionation of Dextrose, Beet Sugar, Beet Molasses, Fibersol, Polymer Structure - Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical beads, Functional Group - Sulfonic Acid, Ionic Form as Shipped - K+

    By Purolite Corporation Office in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sweetener and Bio-industry Separations Product line

  • ATLAS - Fabric Covered Hay Storage Buildings Series

    From fabric covered hay storage buildings to salt storage buildings, we can COVER IT ALL! Check out the Building Profiles that are available from BRITESPAN.

    By BriteSpan Building Systems, Inc. based in Lucknow, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Epic - Building Series

    From fabric covered hay storage buildings to salt storage buildings, we can COVER IT ALL! Check out the Building Profiles that are available from BRITESPAN.

    By BriteSpan Building Systems, Inc. based in Lucknow, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Feversham - Model 12, 18 & 14 - Galvanized Feed Conveyors

    2-inch puckboard slats. 14 gauge galvanized body. Metal inclines and declines. Plated metal parts to prevent rusting. Idlers in bends to increase chain life. Stronger single and double chain with improved slats. New and improved design for more capacity.Covered chains to keep product off the chains.

    By Feversham Manufacturing based in Feversham, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Martatch - Hydraulic Angle Broom

    Excellent for snow cleanup, sweeping feed alleyways and outside yards. Does a fantastic job without creating dust. Hydraulic angle.

    By Martatch Attachments based in Wellesley, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Brooms Product line

  • Martatch - Trailer Hitch Adapter for Skid Steer Loader

    Trailer hitch adapter for front end skid steer or loader. Move ball hitch trailers easily with you front end loader or skid steer. 4 Way variable size ball or hook hitch.

    By Martatch Attachments based in Wellesley, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Adapters Product line

  • Martatch - Agriculture Bale Handling Equipment

    Handles 2 large round bales (4' - 6' diameter). Handles 3-4 large square bales. The Bale Grabber is ahead of its time in versatile and sheer volume bale handling. Adjusts easily and without tools to different size bales. The right tool to handle large volumes of bales with ease.

    By Martatch Attachments based in Wellesley, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Bale Spears Product line

  • Martatch - Rotating Broom

    Angles both ways (manually with pin). Sweeps forward or reverse into bucket. Dump swept-up debris by tripping bucket manually. After dumping, bucket will latch into place when sitting on floor. Uses hydraulic motor to spin broom.

    By Martatch Attachments based in Wellesley, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Brooms Product line

  • Gallagher - Model G618104 - High Strain Termination Kit (White)

    Super Strain Insulator (White) with pre-attached wire rope. Fits up to 7 1/2” posts. No wire tying or special tools required. 2 pack. Colors:White.

    By Gallagher Animal Management Systems Inc. based in Owen Sound,, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Electric Fence Components - Insulators Product line

  • Cows Match - Model 28-28-20 - All-Milk Protein Milk Replacer

    Cow’s Match 28-28-20 is a premium milk replacer designed to help your calves achieve their full growth potential. Cow’s Match is based on the patented Architect technology providing a unique combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as optimum vitamin and mineral levels. Simply the best choice to help set your calves up for ...

    By Masterfeeds based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Milk Replacer Product line

  • Rammer - Compact Hydraulic Breaker

    Rammer Compact Range hammers are built to meet the growing demands of the rental market and to offer contractors the most up-to-date hammer technology. The most notable feature of the new in hammers is their massive trapezoidal tool that offers considerable benefits over traditional small tools. This non-breakable tool offers extremely long ...

    By Strongco Corporation based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model D90B - Cattle Chute

    88” x 32” inside dimensions. Both side panels open. Access door to neck area. Width adjustable. Weight: 960 lbs.

    By E.S. Martin Welding based in Linwood, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Brute - Liquid Ag-Tank Carriers

    Brute manufactures top quality liquid ag-tank carriers for all applications. Our stock units are equipped with a 2035  gal (white) tank, all hoses, and a Briggs and Stratton pump. We have our stock units mounted on 12 ton Agrimaster running gear, but are more than willing to mount them to the running gear of your choice. We offer blue tanks ...

    By Brute Products based in Chatham, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • The `Bridge` Chain Drag Harrow

    Our drag harrow's superior design discourages folding up of the tail section during high speed harrowing and provides better tooth penetration. Our 5/8 inch hi-carbon steel teeth provide much longer hinge-joint life, which is an area where most other harrows fail first.

    By May-Bridge Harrows based in Belwood, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model PT - Precise Plant Temperature Sensor

    HortiMaX’s plant temperature sensor allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your crop. The PT sensor measures the temperature of a representative number of plants in an area of 5 to 10m2. Since the crop temperature tends to differ significantly from the ambient temperature, the PT sensor enables you to better monitor and control ...

    By HortiMaX B.V. Office in Leamington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Climate and Energy Product line

  • Drinkers

    Available in stainless steel or galvanized. Keeps fresh, clean water accessible to pigs at all times. Piglet drinkers available as nipple drinkers or water cups. Nipple drinker dispenses a controlled amount of water which prevents water waste and excess water from pooling on the floor where piglets could lay in it and become sick. Drinkers reduce ...

    By Canarm AgSystems based in Brockville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Comfy Calf Suites Product line

  • Fiberglass Spreader

    Fiberglass is lighter than steel and just as strong when engineered correctly! On average, the weight savings from a fiberglass tank to steel can be the equivalent to 1000 gallons!. Fiberglass is constructed from resin, hardener and glass fibers; therefore it won’t rust out! Manure is very corrosive and fiberglass is even tough enough to ...

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spreader Range Product line

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