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- Model 2240 - Dry Grain Bagger



As a standard feature, it has a hopper to receive the grain self unloading grain carts or trucks. It has generous dimensions an upper opening the facilitates the task of the operator and it minimizes risks of material losses during bag filling. If the unloading is carried out from trucks with side panel discharge instead of using the hopper an auger hydraulically driven by the tractor is used. This auger has it's own wheels and axis in order to be connected to the bagger and for transport purposes. If the bag fillng is carried out from dumper trucks, another auger is fitted which has a reception gondola with a width of 2.6 meters. It is also hydraulically driven from the tractor by means of hydraulic motors.

Oblong or 'flattened' tunnel

The filling tunnel offers the possibility to work with 9 foot (2.74 meters) diameter and either 60 or 75 meter long bags. By its 'flattened' shape it aids the material flow inside the bags, providing an even filling that allows maximum usage of the bag's storage capacity. At the same time it avoids dangerous grain piling at the bag's first fold.

Disk Brake

The streching of the bag and its storage capacity is regulated through a disk brake system mounted on both wheels. The intensity of brake is set by an independent hand operated pump, while a guage aids with the controlling of the braking pressure that needs to be applied at every moment.

Support feet

To unhitch the tractor, even if the bag is not fully utilized, it has two side support feet.

Retractile support for loading bags

For bag mounting it has a retractile support (parallelogram shape) embedded inside the tunnel. It receives a hanger which elevates the bag by means of a hand winch. The winch is located on the side of the auger, thus it is not necessary to climb on the tunnel to elevate the bag. The hanger achieves its purpose without balancing and no help is needed. Once in position, the bag is placed on the tunnel and the hanger is removed.

Transport in work position

To avoid time loss and unnecessary work, the transport position is identical to the work position, reaching a maximum width of 3.3 meters. Also, it does not require additional elements to move from transport mode to bagging mode, you only need to activate a hydraulic cylinder from the tractor valves that serves as the power source to raise and lower the machine. Its wide clearance in transport allows it to move on the most difficult roads without risk.

Tip transport (Optional)

Adding two wheel hubs and a draw bar you can tip transport with a maximum width of 2.16 meters. Due to this reason and to simplify transport on truck, the work tongue is foldable.

Agricultural Machinery Safety Certification

To increase operation safety and reduce accident probabilities, as well as simplify maintenance and transport, the machine furnish all necessary elements to fit the agricultural machinery safety Standard IRAM 8076-0. Each delivered machine has a numerate sticker that certifies the machine fits the standard.

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