Manure Boxes With A Single Horizontal Beater



7FT Wide Inside Side Walls (10ga) 3mm 7ga Floor Material WR-78 'Mac' Chain (2 Sets) with Tubing as Slats Fenders and Mud Flaps Cab Protector Steel Hydraulic Lines (4) U-Bolts for Mounting Drive Shaft (2 7/16') Idler Shaft (2') Single Beater Attachment (Hydraulic Drive) Guillotine Gate with 2 Cylinders Mounted on Box.

  • Hydraulic Swing Out
  • Wet Kit for Beaters
  • 2-Section Gear Pump (Pressure Compensated)
  • Reservoir (70gal)
  • Dual Rear Drives for Floor
  • In Cab Controls (Electric Over Hydraulic)
  • Electric Flow Control for Floor
  • Valve Bank and all Hoses
  • 8' Bottom Beater Drum
  • Paddles made from ½' AR400 Plate
  • 100H Chain on Beater Attachment
  • Painted White with Blue Trim

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