Metal Hopper Silos



A normal corrugated steel silo with an unloading hopper, is assembled on a hot galvanised structure consisting of a cone connection ring, support legs and wind braces and anchored in the ground through plugs or log bolts. The cone connection ring can be either a bended UPN profile (UNI EN10025) or a polygonal structure. The support legs are realized with H beams (UNI EN10025) and braced either with angle bars or UPN profiles (UNI EN10025).

The unloading hopper inclined 45° is realized with bolted modular hot galvanised sheets. A ventilation counter-cone can be inserted inside the hopper. The outlet is raised from the ground to permit the insertion of shutters and conveying devices for the unloading and maintenance.

The cylinder is made of S350 GD (UNI EN10346) structural steel sheets with Z450 galvanised covering (equivalent to 450g/m2 of zinc) that guarantees a long-term resistance to atmospheric agents.

The structure is externally reinforced with HX420LAD (UNI EN10346) structural steel uprights columns with omega section.

The thickness of the sheets and of the uprights is defined according to the model and the place of installation of the silo (the solicitations due to seism, wind and snow are also considered crucial elements). The calculation of the solicitations suffered is performed according to the norm DIN1055 part 6.

The sheets and the uprights are assembled with high mechanical resistance bolts treated with Geomet® process against corrosion. The infiltration of water through the sheets is prevented by interposing a sealant chord.


  • The standard TM silo is equipped with the following accessories:
  • a roof hatch for the control of the stored cereal
  • a removable inspection panel on the unloading hopper
  • an anti birds circumferential net positioned in between the roof and the cylinder


  • Supplied on request of the customer or according to particular needs of the plant
  • maximum and minimum level gauges
  • motorized unloading shutter
  • laying jig
  • motorized air fans
  • ventilation systems
  • vertical ladder with protections and stirrups
  • roof ladder with side protections and circular platform
  • hanging catwalks for inspection and conveyors support
  • catwalks support structures
  • descents from catwalks
  • on specific request of the customer, the roof can be painted in customized colors.

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