Valplastic USA

Valplastic USA

Micro Sprinklers


Applications Used for greenhouses, orchards, vegetable crops and landscaping. Unique water spreader for uniform distribution, maximum range and fine droplets.

Features & Benefits

  • Made from engineering grade plastic for durability and long term use.
  • Sturdy and solid structure.
  • Insect proof pop-up swivel.
  • Recommended spacing: Up to 20 ft. x 20 ft.
  • Coverage diameter: 18 to 39 ft.
  • Discharge flow rates: 13.5 to 65 gph.
  • Operating pressure range: 14 to 43 psi.
  • Available options: Push Fit type and Threaded type.


  • Overhead irrigation for extra range -spacing up to 20 ft.
  • Innovative insect proof structure.
  • Stable irrigation stand with minimum pressure loss.
  • Used for orchards and certain row crops.
  • Flow Rate : 16 gph (21 psi) to 92 gph (35 psi).
  • Recommended Swivel Color: Blue and Green

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