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Mini Rear Loader



The Rear Loader is the best choice for the 15 to 35hp tractor owner, who needs a loader from time to time, but does not wish to pay the approximate £3,000 that it would cost for a good front loader, the rear loader uses the tractor three point lift to raise it and it can be fitted and removed in a few minutes.

  • The lifting height for the Mini Rear Loader is 1.5m to 1.8m and capacity 50kg to 100kg. This is a guide as it varies according to the size and lifting power of the tractor.
  • The bucket is (62cms wide by 33cms deep) will automatically shut when lowered after tipping on the trip model. The fork attachment is fitted with two bolts and doubles the bucket capacity for lighter materials.
  • Two models are available: one with a trip gravity tip bucket price for £385 and the other with an extra hydraulic cylinder for tilting and emptying the bucket price £585.  A fork extension is available for light materials £76

  • 1.5m to 1.8m
  • Capacity 50kg to 75kg

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