Mix Poultry Rendering



One (1) mixed poultry rendering plant. cap. ± 4 Tons per shift of 8 hrs.. Bath cooker: 4.000 liters. Capacity: ± 2.5 MT of mixed waste. Batch time: ± 4-5 hours. Condition of the equipmen: All equipment will come fully refurbished.

Batch cooker feeding conveyor with hopper
Made in mild steel with U-shaped trough.
Completed with cover
Diameter 300 mm with 300 mm pitch.
Length : ± 8m.
Including geared motor 4,5 kW.

Batch cooker,  volume 4.000 L
Batch capacity : ± 2,5 tons of crushed slaughterhouse by-products.
The  cooker  consists  of  a  cylindrical  mild steel shell with outside a welded mild steel jacket and inside a horizontal mild steel agitator.
The shell is steam heated ( max. working pressure 6 bar).
On both the end parts of the batch cooker, rear as well as front, strong steel supports are mounted to assure the perfect axial setting of the agitator.
On the rear part, a shaft mounted gearbox with motor 30 kW, is mounted.
Completed with drive guard.
The bronze stuffing box flanges, sliding on carbonized and ground steel bushings, assure a perfect seal of the agitator shaft.
The shell is mineral wool covered with stainless steel cladding.
The machine is supplied with pressure test certificate.

Shut off valve (for loading gate of the batch cooker)
Manually operated shut off valve.

Set of valves and accessories for the steam supply
Steam valve for shell
Safety valve for shell
Safety valve for inside
Steam trap, sight glass, non-return valve and strainer for condensate.

Water jet condenser
Cyclone shaped condenser with water jet system to condens the vapours coming out of the batch cooker.
Executed in SS

Cooker discharge feeding bin

Discharge conveyor with manual bagging system.
Made in mild steel with 5 mm thick U-shaped trough.
Completed with cover
Diameter 250
Length : ± 3m.

Equipment pre-assembly in the workshop
In order to avoid engineering mistakes and prevent any problems on site, the machinery will be pre-assembled in our work shop before dispatch.

Loading in containers

Engineering with set of drawings and manuals
Lay-out of the plant
Electric diagram
Main steam and condensate flow diagram
All mentioned documents will be delivered in English language

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