Model 1550 Series - Folding Toolbars



The industry standard setting Orthman 1550 Double Toolbars are designed and built to simply withstand the roughest conditions imaginable. The 1550 features double 7' x 7' toolbars with 1/2' center section wall (on all models larger than 8 row) tubing and 3/8' wall tubing wing sections attached by top and bottom welded gussets provide an extreme amount of strength.  The image to the right includes a welded-on hitch which is typically used for the 1tRIPr and is set to planter row spacings for the strip-till operation.


The Orthman 1550 Cultivator Double Toolbars are designed to the same specifications as the 1550 '1tRIPr' bars.  However, the bar is built to accommodate cultivator row spacings and all cultivator bars are equipped with a standard pair of 777 Lift Assist Wheels to provide an additional 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.

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