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J&M Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Model 22 Series X - Tended Reach Grain Carts



The 22 Series X-Tended Reach grain carts offer the same maximum upward, outward and forward auger reach as the 12 Series, but also includes J&M’s patented Leaner tank design. The low side of the grain cart features a bolt-on tank design that extends toward the combine auger for additional two feet, giving both the combine and grain cart operators more room to navigate in the field without overlap. Your combine auger just gained two feet of side reach, making harvesting easier, especially with wider heads.  

This feature prevents the grain cart operator from accidentally folding the upper auger during unloading.  The Lock-N-Load sensor located on the driveshaft sends an electronic signal to the safety valve on the folding cylinder when the PTO is engaged, preventing it from operating until the PTO is disengaged.

Telescoping Flow Control Spout Design

The new telescoping spout features a three part design that extends in the outward position to maximize side reach, and retracts when unloading in the downward position to maximize unloading height. Each of the three sections can be easily removed or added to offer multiple combinations of height and reach to fit your particular unloading need.

  • Choice of Durable Red, Green, Blue or Yellow Urethane Exterior Finish
  • Choice of Large Flotation Tires, Walking Tandem Dual Wheels or Storm Tracker Track System
  • Heavy-Duty 18 Ounce Roll Tarp with Reliable Cable and Tension-Spring Design or Upgraded
  • Electronically Controlled Roll Kit for a Tight and Even Seal
  • Electronic Weigh Scale System with Optional AutoLog Kit, USB Downloader Kit or Dot Matrix Printer
  • LCD Color Fixed Camera System
  • Single Speed Hydraulic Drive (High Capacity) in Place of PTO
  • iFarm Scale System with Optional Moisture Sensor and Auto Gate Shut-Off

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