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Model G 40 RT - Loading Platforms



The cart for the carriage of containers has been created by our company to make ordinary jobs such as the harvesting of fruits and vegetables grown in rows, the road transport and the unloading of containers easier. The main frame structure consists of side-members of tube profiles made up of 120x120 mm joined together by cross-members of suitable section.

The cart is of uniaxle type fitted with rigid suspensions; thanks to its characteristics, the lowering of the platform, the small dimensions and the particularly agile structure, it is possible to harvest in very low plantations. The supporting moving boards, supplied with the cart, enable the operator to reach the containers, which can be filled easily and safely.

The transport of the containers results to be safe thanks to double back up rolls and to adjustable slides, which ensure their stability.  The unloading is easily done by applying the proper tractor's hydraulic lever, which gives the cart a tilt upwards through a hydraulic cart jack; the container runs easily and carefully onto double-wheeled slides avoiding damaging the product carried.

On request: Road permission'Italian Certificate'

The cart model G 40 RT has been approved for Italian road traffic for carrying 40 quintal

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