Model RTX750 - Ride-On Tractor with Attachments



This compact machine is as productive as many larger units on a wide variety of jobs, making it ideal for work in confined spaces. Rubber tires can be interchanged with the innovative quad-track system allowing you to choose the optimal configuration for your jobsite needs. Four-wheel and crab steering deliver exceptional maneuverability.

  • Work in virtually any soil condition and boost productivity with the patent-pending quad track system that distributes weight evenly for maximum tractive effort and minimal ground compaction.
  • Designed for productivity with improved visibility for operators, rotating operator station and easy reach of controls.
  • Easily monitor important machine functions and diagnostics with a handy integrated system display.
  • Turn on a dime when you opt for interchangeable rubber tires with a turning radius of just 16.8’/5.1 m.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

The Vermeer® RTX750 is a highly maneuverable machine capable of tackling projects normally reserved for larger units, allowing you to complete a wide range of jobs with a single machine.

The specialized undercarriage offers additional versatility by fitting either rubber tires or the innovative quad-track system - the choice is yours. All attachment controls on the RTX750 operator’s station are located within easy reach on the right side of the operator, including creep/attachment dials for precise control.

For trencher applications, the RTX750 is equipped with the productivity-minded TrenchSenseTM electronic control system. When difficult ground conditions are encountered causing a sudden drop in engine speed, AutoCreep automatically pauses and the tractor slightly backs off the forward trench wall to prevent an engine stop. Once the preset engine and trencher speed recover, forward AutoCreep resumes. The TrenchSense sequence occurs within seconds and requires no operator adjustment to the controls.

To discover new opportunities with more power and cutting-edge features - look to Vermeer.

An integrated system display toggles through machine diagnostics, including engine rpm, fuel, battery voltage, engine water temperature and engine hours. When in either ground drive or using a rear attachment, the display indicates the percentage of the hydrostatic capacity being utilized, allowing the operator to easily monitor important machine functions.

The 38' x 14' x 20' (96.5 cm x 35.6 cm x 50.8 cm) rubber-tire traction option offers an exceptional balance of tractive effort and floatation.

The rubber quad-track system offers improved flotation, reduced surface damage, increased tractive effort and greater stability, with relatively no breakover point. Four-wheel steer and crab steering, usually available only on rubber-tire units, are functional with the quad-track system.

An automotive-style hood helps maximize visibility during backfilling and transport and offers easy access to engine service points without detaching shields. Improved visibility while backfilling and in transport can help boost productivity.

The rotating operator’s station and all attachment controls manually rotate up to 90 degrees for improved operator visibility of the rea attachment and enhanced operator comfort.

Reel carrier. A 2.5' (6.4 cm) diameter reel shaft supports up to a 2000 lb (907.2 kg) reel.

Plow. Attachment installs product up to 36' (91.4 cm) in depth with a maximum shaker force of 24,000 lb (10,886.2 kg) and a 30-degree swing angle.

Combo trencher/plow. Multiuse rear attachment can plow depths up to 36' (91.4 cm) and trench depths up to 60' (152.4 cm).

Trencher. The trencher has a maximum digging depth of 60' (152.4 cm) and a width of 12' (30.5 cm).

Backhoe. Features a maximum digging depth of 96.8' (245.9 cm) with a swing arc of 170 degrees.

Rockwheel. Cut widths ranging from 1.5' - 6' (3.8 cm - 15 cm) at up to 26' (66 cm) deep.


Weight (basic tractor, quad tracks): 9330 lb (4232 kg)
Weight (basic tractor, tires): 5900 lb (2676.2 kg)
Weight (basic tractor, fluid-filled tires): 7128 lb (3233.2 kg)
Length (basic tractor, quad tracks): 11.1' (3.4 m)
Length (basic tractor, tires): 10.5' (3.2 m)
Width (quad tracks): 78.5' (199.4 cm)
Width (tires): 72' (182.9 cm)
Height (2-post): 100' (254 cm)
Wheelbase from centerline of axles: 61' (154.9 cm)
Tread width (c/l to c/l, quad tracks): 60.5' (153.7 cm)
Tread width (c/l to c/l, tires): 56' (142.2 cm)
Ground clearance: 12' (30.5 cm)


Fuel tank: 27 gal (102.2 L)


Make and model: Cummins B3.3 TAA
Horsepower @ 2600 rpm (gross): 75 hp (55.9 kW)
Horsepower @ 2600 rpm (net): 67 hp (50 kW)
Max torque @ 1600 rpm: 209 ft-lb (283.4 Nm)
Displacement: 199 cu in (3.3 L)
Number of cylinders: 4
Cooling medium: Water
Compression ratio: 17.3:1
Max engine operating angle (fore/aft/left/right)*: 35°
Fuel type: Diesel
Air cleaner: 8' (20.3 cm) with safety element
*Engine operating angles do not indicate safe machine operating angles.


Auxiliary gpm @ 2600 rpm: 19.4 gpm (73.4 L/min)
Auxiliary pump relief pressure: 2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Ground drive pump gpm @ 2500 rpm: 35 gpm (132.5 L/min)
Ground drive relief pressure: 4350 psi (299.9 bar)
Attachment pump gpm @ 2600 rpm: 35 gpm (132.5 L/min)
Attachment pump relief trencher / FWD: 5500 psi (379.2 bar)
Attachment pump gpm trencher / FWD @ 2500 rpm: 35 gpm (132.5 L/min)
Attachment pump relief trencher / REV: 3000 psi (206.8 bar)
Attachment pump relief plow / REV: 3000 psi (206.8 bar)
Hydraulic tank: 23 gal (87.1 L)
Hydraulic system: 25 gal (94.6 L)

Ground Drive

Pump type: Variable displacement axial piston pump
Creep override: Yes
Forward / Reverse foot pedal control: Yes
Traction Options
Rubber quad-track system
Width: 17.75' (45.1 cm)
Length: 35' (88.9 cm)
Max transport speed: 4 mph (6.4 km/hr)
Max creep speed: 1.5 mph (2.4 km/hr)
Ground pressure (tractor, 6-way plow and backhoe): 5.2 psi (.4 bar)

Rubber Tires

Tire size: 38' x 14' (96.5 cm x 35.6 cm)
Max transport speed: 5 mph (8 km/hr)
Max creep speed: 2 mph (3.2 km/hr)
Ground pressure (tractor, plow, 6-way backfill blade and backhoe): 23 psi (1.6 bar)


Front type: Steerable planetary with hydraulic differential lock
Rear type: Steerable planetary with hydraulic differential lock
Outside turning diameter (quad tracks, front and rear steer): 23' (7 m)
Outside turning diameter (tires, front and rear steer): 16.8' (5.1 m)


Primary service: Hydrostatic
Secondary service: Hydraulic actuated wet multi-disc

Center-Mount Trencher

Max transport length: 84' (213.4 cm)
Max transport height: 11.3' (3.4 m)
Max digging depth: 60' (152.4 cm)
Max digging width: 12' (30.5 cm)
Min digging width: 6' (15.2 cm)

Sliding-Offset Trencher

Max transport length: 94' (238.8 cm)
Max digging depth: 60' (152.4 cm)
Max digging width: 12' (30.5 cm)
Min digging width: 6' (15.2 cm)


Weight (without blade): 1500 lb (680.4 kg)
Max transport length: 74.3' (188.7 cm)
Max transport height: 87.4' (222 cm)
Max plow depth (quad tracks): 36' (91.4 cm)
Max plow depth (tires): 30' (76.2 cm)

Combo Plow/Trencher

Max transport length: 86' (218.4 cm)
Max transport height: 93' (236.2 cm)
Max plow depth (quad tracks): 36' (91.4 cm)
Max plow depth (tires): 30' (76.2 cm)
Max trencher digging depth: 60' (152.4 cm)
Max trencher cutting width: 8' (20.3 cm)


Weight (without teeth/segments): 2480 lb (1125 kg)
Max transport length: 84.6' (214.9 cm)
Max cutting depth: 26' (66 cm)
Max cutting width: 6' (15.2 cm)
Min cutting width: 1.5' (3.8 cm)

Reel Carrier

Weight: 858 lb (389.2 kg)
Max diameter reel: 82' (208.3 cm)
Max reel width: 48.5' (123.2 cm)
Reel shaft diameter: 2.5' (6.4 cm)
Capacity: 2000 lb (907.2 kg)


Weight (with largest bucket): 2200 lb (997.9 kg)
Max transport height: 109.5' (278.1 cm)
Max digging depth: 96.8' (245.9 cm)
Swing arc: 170°

Backfill Blade

Weight: 600 lb (272.2 kg)
Max width (tires): 72' (182.9 cm)
Max width (quad tracks): 79' (200.7 cm)
Height: 14.6' (37.1 cm)
Max lift above ground: 25.6' (65 cm)
Max drop below ground: 16.3' (41.4 cm)

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