Model TZ400/TZ700 - Potato Rasping Machines



We manufacture potato rasping machines which, due to their high rotational speed and an effective double-ball system, guarantee high efficiency and high grinding ratio. Presently we manufacture two models of devices - TPZ400 characterized by efficiency equal 400T/24h and TPZ700 - 700T/24h. We also carry out rasping tools - which are spare parts for rasping machines -produced by Spomasz and other manufacturers (i.e Nivoba, Larsson and others).

  • large productivity of a rasping process,
  • very high grinding ratio,
  • stainless elements of the machine,
  • high rotational speed of the drum,
  • simple structure,
  • high reliability of operation,
  • simple and quick way of balls replacement,
  • numerous letters of recommendations from the largest potato processing plants in Poland,
  • service and spare parts available from the manufacturer

Model: TZ400

  • Capacity [T/24h]: max. 500
  • Power of motor [kW]: 75-110
  • Bowl speed [rpm]: 2100
  • Rasping ratio: max. 950
  • Weight [T]: 2,1

Model: TZ700

  • Capacity [T/24h]: max. 700
  • Power of motor [kW]: 200
  • Bowl speed [rpm]: 2100
  • Rasping ratio: max. 980
  • Weight [T]: 3,5

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